Holiday Gift Guides: Gift of Relaxing

I know it may seem a little early to be talking about holiday gifts, but I’m already going at it.  I’m usually stressfully late with getting gifts together, so each year we’ve been trying to get more on top of our game.  Not to mention that four of our immediate family members have birthdays around the holidays.  You’d think we’d have had it figured out already, but noooope.  Still learning.  
I LOVE giving gifts, but the holidays can be stressful if it’s done in a rush, and I don’t know about you, but that makes gift giving a lot less joyful for me.  This year I resolved to start browsing for gift ideas earlier, like come November, so that I could give without being quite as stressed!  But then I missed my sister’s birthday (in late October) and realized that I really need to start in October to include all of the birthdays in my family.  Haha.  Oops.  Like I said, still learning!
So, I’ve got gifts on the brain.  Since I usually appreciate gift idea posts, I’ll be doing some Holiday Gift Guides to show you some of the ideas that have been spinning around in my head.
As a heads up, some of the gift guides will feature items from shops that I’ve teamed up with.  Please know that I’m only featuring shops that I have personally asked, and they were shops that I was actually shopping from for gift ideas.  

One thing that’s helped me think about gifts is starting by thinking of things they love to do and brainstorm possible gifts along those lines.  Today’s gift guide is a brainstorm for someone who likes to sit back and relax.  There are a ton of different ways to sit back and relax, whether it’s cuddling up by the fireplace, laying out on the beach, or treating yourself to a spa day.  
1.  Tea Tree Oil Foot Therapy.  foot spray  |  foot soak ]  A few years ago I was given Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray which was soooo relieving to spray on my soles after a long day on my feet.  In my search for another bottle of it and came across the foot soak too.  I’ve never tried it, but it has 67 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars! 
2.  WoodWick Candles.  [ candle  |  diffuser ]  My husband is kind of a pyro and likes to relax by starting at flames.  Or reading.  Or better yet, reading next to flames.  He really enjoys WoodWick candles because the wooden wick crackles like a tiny fireplace, but on your desk (or wherever you put it).  They come in a bunch of different scents and burn for a long time. 
3.  Cozy Slippers.  [ moccasin  |  boot ]  I kind of laugh at slippers for gifts, mainly because that’s what my siblings and I usually gave our mom when we were kids and didn’t know what else to get her.  (She is THE hardest person to shop for.)  But a cute little moccasin slipper or a boot in a cool pattern are far from the types of slippers we got for our mom.  I got a cute pair of boot slippers last year and loved them!
4.  Nail Polish.  Colors shown: [ twin sweater set  |  the lace is on  |  merino cool  |  smokin’ hot ]  Nail polish is always a great gift!  You could even combine it with something like the Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak or the slippers for a foot therapy kit.  
5.  Beach Totes.  [ bundle of chevron totes  |  red chevron/dot tote  |  striped scarf ]  Usually when I think of holiday gifts I think of cold weather items, but I think beach bags make fantastic gifts for the holidays.  Ooh Baby Designs has a TON of very cute beach totes.  The red one shown above is adorable and reversible.  Polka dots on one side and chevron stripes on the other.  How cool is that?  Or you can buy a bundle pack of totes for a terrific deal if you want to get uniform gifts for groups of people like your kids’ teachers, a mom’s group or small group, or your many cousins.  🙂   You can give them by themselves, fill them with beach accessories, or fill them with treats!
6.  Beach Hats.  [ black  |  polka dot ]  Continuing the beach theme, beach hats are a great option because a lot of them are on clearance since they are out of season.  YEAH.  Both hats shown above are less than $7.50 right now!

There are a ton more ideas for gift ideas to help someone relax, so if you’ve got them, let’s hear them!  We can help each other out by throwing out more ideas in the comments below.  
What other things could you give someone around the theme of relaxing?

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