Heathered T-shirt Dress

Last week I was trying on maternity dresses at Target and getting annoyed that so many of them (not all, but many!) were basically non-maternity dresses–boring ones, at that–with a “maternity” label and a marked up pricetag slapped onto them.  I was even more annoyed that they didn’t even flatter your shape!  They just draped down and made you look bigger. 
So, I retreated to the “normal” section, my Target happy place which I miss dearly.  I decided to look for any dress that didn’t have a seam built into the middle, hoping that with good fortune it would flatter a bump better than the drapey maternity dresses I’d just tried.  And voila!  My faith was restored in Target when I tried on this dress** and its striped sibling!
It’s a thin, comfy t-shirt material.  I got the striped version too, but I love the heathering on this grey one.  I rolled up the sleeves since they’re a *little* long and the shoulders are slightly wide since I sized up to accommodate the bump.  They fit perfectly in the smaller size though.  Anyway, I’d recommend this dress, pregnant or not!
Links to Shop:
1.  Macy’s  |  2.  Chico’s  |  3.  DSW  |  4.  Target

Shop for the Look:
Dress: Target (exact)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar, similar, similar)
*Bump status: 32 weeks
**Let me preempt the caring concern about me ruining “normal” clothes by stretching them out beyond repair by saying that I don’t mind if these stretch out beyond use after pregnancy because I intentionally bought them for pregnancy, like as if I were buying maternity dresses.  Except, I couldn’t find many maternity dresses I was happy with so I bought non-maternity dresses.  If I’m somehow able to wear these dresses post-baby then I consider that a bonus.  🙂
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