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**edit 12/13/11:
Rachel has recently changed her blog title and URL to For the Birds.  None of the Distinct.Style.Innovation links work, so please find her at her new address:

Hey everyone!  I’m excited to have Rachel from Distinct.Style.Innovation as my first guest post!  She has awesome colored hair, hosts a feature called wear*it Wednesday that you should check out, and constantly thrifts pieces that I totally covet!

Since I still feel like a novice thrifter, I asked Rachel to share about how she finds her fantastic pieces.  Hopefully I’ll come out more often with pure awesomeness like she does.  🙂

Here goes!

Hello! I’m Rachel from Distinct.Style.Innovation. The lovely and sweet Audrey asked me to guest post and not surprisingly we came up with the topic of thrifting. I am an absolute thrift-a-holic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am really lucky to have multiple thrift stores in the area, and there is hardly ever a week that goes by that I don’t make it into a thrift store. 

People ask me all the time how I score so many great finds while thrifting. It’s simple – thrift often. In order to do this, I recently started using a new system. You know how you don’t always have time to spend an hour+ browsing every aisle for hidden gems? Sometimes you just need to get in, find what you need, and get out. There is usually something specific I’m looking for.

Instead of just not thrifting during busy weeks, I give myself a 15-20 minute time limit in thrift stores that are on my way to or from appointments and just look in those select sections. The other day, I used this method on hats, here, and left with 6 of them! I’ve used this method a couple of times since then and it is surprisingly effective! 

My favorite things to look for when thrifting are:

1) Vintage anything – from clothes to home-wares and especially jewelry:

2) Granny dresses

3) Scarves – you can find some really unique patterns and fabrics in thrifted scarves and I can’t get enough! This one I recently got is my new favorite.

4) Shoes – a lot of people are surprised I buy used shoes.. but I have a cleaning method (see more on how I do that here)

5) Blazers – I am currently on the lookout for more blazers. With the weather getting cooler they are the perfect fall accessory for layering and adding more interest to any fall outfit. This one I got for around $3 and I wear it all the time!

6) Grandpa sweaters & Cardigans – I love a good cozy sweater and these are another item I can’t get enough of!

7) Skirts – I have found so many great skirts while thrifting! Skirts with interesting patterns and colors are my favorite.

8) Over-sized or men’s shirts to wear with skinnies & leggings.

There you have it! Some of my favorite things to shop for while thrifting and favorite thrifted finds. I do a series on my blog called “Thrifted finds.”  If you’re interested, click here to scroll through those posts. 

Thank you, Audrey for letting me share my love of thrifting with your lovely readers! I hope you all got some good thrift-inspiration. Drop by sometime and say hello 🙂 

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