Grounding an Outfit

Top: Target  |  Skirt: Thrifted  |  Belt: Forever 21  |  Yellow Flats: Old Navy  |  Necklace: Anthropologie (gifted)  |  Cuff: Target

(Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week.  I was without a tripod, and my husband wasn’t home when there’s daylight.)

Earlier this year I came across a page in InStyle where they put together different outfits and explained “why it works.”  Under one outfit’s description they wrote something like, “The flowy top works because it’s grounded by the sturdy belt, bold accessories, and the structure of the pants.”  I don’t think I’d ever heard the concept of “grounding an outfit,” but it made sense to what I knew intuitively, and the concept stuck with me.  
I’ve had this skirt for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out how to style it.  The pleats and the light color and light texture of the fabric give off an airy vibe, and a lot of the outfits I tried to create with it came off  too airy/floaty…ungrounded, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, it just didn’t feel right.  But, thanks to InStyle, I at least knew that I needed to find a way to ground the outfit.  
Well, long story short, yesterday I saw this outfit on this girl’s blog and I thought it was a perfect way to ground my pleated skirt.  The denim top gives it some structure and weight, and adding a sturdy belt and some heavy jewelry helps anchor it.  I also added a dark layering piece underneath to give it some more depth.  I’m so glad I could finally wear this skirt!  (The same concept is played out here, too.)
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