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I don’t know why, but I really love this outfit.  I think I love the contrast of the dark top with the crisp white bottoms.  I wore the outfit with the cardigan and wedges to a meeting and then to run errands.  I originally planned the outfit with the blazer (last pic) but I wanted to feel less constricted so I opted for the cardigan and ended up liking it even better.  
Have I talked about this top before?  It was once a dress that was way too short but I bought it with the intention of turning it into a shirt anyway because I wanted more printed tops.  It has turned out to be another one of those pieces that I didn’t know I would end up wearing so much.  (Recap to come, maybe?)  I think it works so well because it’s a graphic print which makes things interesting, but it’s not too annoying or overwhelming, and it’s made up of dark neutrals.  Maybe that’s why?  Anyway, the first top below seems pretty similar to the one I have, just in black and white instead of periwinkle/black/white.  However, I also really, really adore number five!  I also love the Ikat print in number three.
Have you tried tops with graphic prints?  If not, consider giving them a try as a swap out from a normal plain tee!  Just as easy to put on, but you don’t have to try so hard to make your outfit interesting.
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five

Shop the Look:
Top: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: H&M (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Wedges: Target (similar, similar)

Bottom Pic:
Blazer: H&M (similar)
Grey Pumps: Target (similar–suede and lower heel, similar)

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