Giving Thanks For…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’m giving thanks for…
  • being in good health
  • Addie coming into the world!
  • a happy, healthy baby who sleeps really well
  • my dad, who was diagnosed last Thanksgiving with stage IV terminal cancer, having gotten to see another year
  • amazing friends and community
  • working for an organization with a purpose that I’m passionate about and that makes a difference in people’s lives
  • my brother getting married 
  • Benson being an incredible husband and father who serves our family patiently and selflessly
  • Benson and I working often from home and getting to hang out with Addie through out the day
  • moving into a new house that we can raise a family in
  • as cliche as this is, it’s true–I’m grateful for getting to blog and that you guys would actually bother to read this thing!  Haha 🙂  
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