8 Outfits With a Gingham Button Up for Spring

Last month I put together a Spring Sample Wardrobe in case anyone found it helpful in pulling together your own wardrobe.  I thought it’d be fun and hopefully helpful to talk about some outfit possibilities from that list!

There are so many outfits you could create from that list, so rather than choosing pieces at random I honed in on just one piece and how you could wear it several different ways based on the other items in the list.

When you’re working with a lot of basics and staples, the key is in accessorizing and layering.  Layering still works in the spring, but in situations where you probably won’t keep a layer on the whole time, lean more on varying your accessories and footwear.  I tried to do both here.

That said, a couple notes.  First, for each of these outfits you could have chosen a number of shoes from the list, and you can instantly take an outfit from casual to dressier just by changing shoes.  Change sneakers for wedges or vice versa.  If you don’t like the shoe I chose for an outfit, no worries–you have several other options!

Second, even though I said varying accessories is key, I tried to repeat accessories so that you don’t feel like you have to have a huge accessory collection to have a dynamic wardrobe.  (For my go-to accessories list go HERE.)  But of course, accessorize–or don’t accessorize–with whatever you want!

Today features my trusty navy gingham shirt which I included in both my Spring Sample Wardrobe and my Fall Sample Wardrobe.  (See fall outfits with it HERE.)  I bought this last summer, and I’ve gotten SO much use out of it!  It’s still available HERE.  I typically wear S/M and got this in S.

You can shop all the clothing and shoes in the Spring Sample Wardrobe Post, or you can shop all pieces straight from the image above.  Hover your mouse over the image, and + signs should show up over each piece.  Click the + sign to go to the product page! 
Let me know if you’d like to see more outfits made from the Spring Sample Wardrobe List!  

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