Four Comfy Athleisure Outfits for Spring + AWESOME Leggings and Joggers under $20!

Comfortable Athleisure Outfits for Spring

Comfy Athleisure Outfits for Spring

You guys, I’m so excited about today’s outfits!  I’ve been getting a little tired of the small handful of athleisure outfits I wear, yet every weekend when Benson’s decked out in his cool athleisure I get a little jealous.  Thanks to adding just a few new additions to my wardrobe, I’ve found new inspiration!  If you need some athleisure inspiration too, I’ve gotcha covered!  Today I’m sharing four athleisure outfits for spring with some super affordable pieces!

SIZING REFERENCE: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes 8.5 to 9 in shoes.  


grey leggings + black sneakers + black tee + brown tote athleisure outfitblack tee + brown tote + grey leggings black sneakers + black tee + grey leggings

Outfit #1: Printed Leggings w/ Solid Top – Dark
One new addition to my athleisure wardrobe is these space dye leggings. These leggings are VERY soft and stretchy and I didn’t find them see-through.  And they’re only $18.99!  They have fantastic reviews (1,800+ w/ 4.5 stars).  They come in 19 prints/solid colors HERE.  I’m wearing Space Dye Camo Grey.

I have a very similar pair to them that I love, but those have some pink and purple in them while the pair above is just black, grey, and white.  That all-neutral scheme feels a lot easier to pair things with and has inspired new outfits!

Here I went with an old favorite black tunic tank from ModCloth.  If you were around last summer, I talked about these a lot!  They are very soft and very stretchy–so stretchy that you can breastfeed in them by pulling down the top EASILY.  Trust me, I cannot breastfeed in most v-necks, so if I can do it in these I believe most others can.  The tunic length covers my rear with me at 5’6″ tall.  But what I really, really love about them is that the part around the bust is form fitting which is very flattering when tucking this into a skirt, like THIS.  I have these in tons of colors, and I LOVE that I can dress them up with a skirt or use them in athleisure outfits!  Currently available in 9 colors in sizes XXS to 4X HERE.  I wear size M.

Then, I went for my go-to black sneakers.  If you haven’t heard me talk about these, they have a memory foam footbed!  So dang comfy.  They come in lots of colors HERE!  I wear them in size 9.

Top this off with a utility jacket or denim jacket!

Shop The Outfit
Top: ModCloth (exact-size M) 
Leggings: Amazon (exact-size M)
Shoes: Zappos (exact– size 9)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-wearing size M)


white tee + grey heather leggings + blush sneakers white tee + grey leggings + blush sneakers + denim jacketwhite tee + blush sneakers + grey heather leggings + brown tote + denim jacket grey leggings + white tee + athleisure outfit

Outfit #2: Printed Leggings w/ Solid Top – Light
These are the same leggings from the first outfit, but with a light color scheme instead.  I’m wearing the same ModCloth tank, just in white this time.  I knotted it to change it up a little, but you can see from the sideview that it still covers my rear.  The white tank is mildly see-through.  I’m not wearing a camisole here, but I am wearing a nude bra.

To continue that light color palette, I went with the same sneakers, but in blush.

Isn’t it fun to see how you can have two different looks with the same pair of leggings, even using the EXACT same pieces (tank and sneakers) in different colors?  Or am I just a remixing nerd?  Haha, don’t answer that!  At the very least, I LOVE that one pair of leggings created new purposes for two tanks and two pairs of shoes that I already had in my closet.  Woohoo!

Shop The Outfit
Top: ModCloth (exact-size M)
Leggings: Amazon (exact-size M)

Shoes: Zappos (exact– size 9)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-wearing size M)


striped tee + utility vest + black leggings black leggings + black sneakers + striped tee + utility vest + brown tote utility vest + black leggings + black sneakers + striped tee striped tee + olive utility vest + black leggings + black sneakers + brown tote

Outfit #3: Leggings + Striped Tee + Utility Vest
Leggings with a striped tee and utility JACKET has always been one of my go-to athleisure looks.  It’s actually one of the ones I referred to as being tired of.  HOWEVER, changing the utility jacket to the utility vest was enough to give me a renewed sense of it!  If only I had known this whole time it’d be that simple.  😛

This vest is from last year, and it is really dang soft, flexible, and comfy to wear.  I also love that it’s longer than my previous utility vest and therefore covers my rear!  Unfortunately it’s not currently available, though I’ve got fingers crossed for it to come back.  Luckily I spotted a similar one at Target.  I haven’t tried it personally, but I did walk by while pushing my two kids in the cart to feel it for all of ONE second, and it felt really soft just like mine.  Try it out HERE and let me know how it is!

Shop The Outfit
Top: Target (exact-size M) 
Leggings: Nordstrom (exact-size M, nearly identical for cheaper)
Vest: c/o JCPenney (similar)
Shoes: Zappos (exact– size 9)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-wearing size M)


white tee + grey joggers + white sneakers + denim jacket white tee + grey joggers + denim jacket + white sneakers + brown tote denim jacket + white sneakers + white tee + grey joggers + brown tote white tee + grey joggers + brown tote white tee + denim jacket + grey joggers + white sneakers + brown tote outfit

Outfit #4: Joggers + White Tee + White Sneakers
Lastly, JOGGERS FOR THE WIN!  I’ve been searching for joggers for a whiiiiiile, and I’m SO GLAD to have found this pair!  (The only pair of joggers I own are ones I sleep in, and I never want to wear them out because I want to keep them clean to sleep in!  They got discontinued before I could buy another pair and I’ve been searching for more ever since.)  It’s been hard for me to find flattering ones, but I especially love how these fit me.

They are a lighter to medium weight and better for spring or cooler summer days.  The material is smooth instead of the typical fuzzy sweatshirt kinda thing.  They are super stretchy and soft.  Gahhhh SO AWESOME.  And ONLY $20!!!  My friend was wearing a pair of almost exact-looking joggers last weekend.  They literally felt and looked almost exactly the same, but she paid $80 for hers.  TRY THESE!  You can try them risk free with free shipping and free return shipping with Amazon Prime.  I’ve worn them for several days and they only got very slightly looser, so baggy knees were not a problem!  Come in several colors HERE.

I paired this with a white tee and white sneakers.  Then, to make it look like I wasn’t wearing pajamas, I made sure to add leather earrings, a watch, and front-tuck my tee–or you could do a knot.  A denim jacket helps as well because it provides structure and a “harder” texture to contrast the soft joggers and tee.  If you need to take it off, you could tie it around your waist to keep that texture in the outfit.  But, I think a wooden watch, faux leather sneakers, and leather earrings provide enough texture as is.

You can do this with a black tee or make it more interesting with colors like olive, pink or magenta, or yellow, or blue.

Shop The Outfit
Top: Nordstrom (exact-size S)
Joggers: Amazon (exact-size S)
Jacket: Nordstrom (exact-size M)
Shoes: Zappos (similar)
Tote: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: Nickel & Suede (exact-wearing size M)

Woohoo!  I really love that adding the space dye leggings and joggers brought new life to existing pieces in my closet and to my overall athleisure repertoire!  Bring on the weekend!


More Affordable Athleisure Items

Here are several more items you can add to athleisure.  Almost all are under $25, and the leggings and joggers all come in multiple colors.  They also all have 4+ stars.  Swipe through the widget below and click to shop!

BTW, the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss begins May 6th!  If you’ve been wanting to join, register HERE.  If you haven’t heard me talk about it before, you can read alllllll about it HERE.



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