Which Foundational Items to Add to Your Wardrobe First to Have Your BEST Wardrobe

Which Foundational Items to Add First to Your Wardrobe

You know I believe that what makes a good wardrobe is having a mixture of foundational items and filler items. Today I want to focus on which 16 foundational items to add to your wardrobe first so that you can have your BEST wardrobe.

And you might already have the list…

It’s in the free Wardrobe Staples Mini Guide! Have you downloaded it yet? If not, click HERE to enter your info and download it right away. It’s my gift to you!

(Or, if you already own the full Wardrobe Staples Styler guide, it’s right there for you as well.)

Wardrobe staples are the cornerstones of your wardrobe. They are the pieces that I always recommend women get in place first.

Because then, you can build the rest of your wardrobe on them.

Just like how when you build a building, you put the cornerstones in place first, and then you build on top of them, when you build a wardrobe, you put the wardrobe staples in place first, and then you build on everything else on top of them.

Starting with wardrobe staples keeps you from buying random pieces that don’t go with anything.

Instead, when you’re deciding whether or not to purchase that super pretty printed top with all of its fun colors, check that it works with some of your wardrobe staples. If it doesn’t, it’ll just be another random piece that goes with nothing. If it does (and it likely will because these wardrobe staples are some of the most versatile pieces ever), then you instantly have a couple of outfits that you can make with it.

That’s how it becomes easier to make outfits. When you have pre-checked that a new piece works with wardrobe staples, then you KNOW you have something to wear it with.

And then you start creating a cohesive wardrobe that works together fluidly.

SO, download the free Wardrobe Staples Mini Guide and go to the checklist on page 4. It has some of the most versatile foundational items out there. You will get TONS of wear out of them!

Which Foundational Items to Add to Your Wardrobe First


After you’ve downloaded the free checklist

Go through the list on page 4 and cross out the ones that don’t apply to your lifestyle or that just aren’t “you.” For example, if you don’t need to dress in business casual clothes, cross out the Slacks, Business Casual Dress, and Blazer. If you aren’t a skirt person, cross that off, too. You don’t need every single staple—they’re just suggestions for some good cornerstones.

Then, search your closet for clothes that fulfill items on the list, and check off that item.

Last, make note of which ones you want to add, and add them to your wardrobe.

When you add even just a few of those wardrobe staples, you will have some good foundations in place to help you pull together outfits more easily!

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