Fashion Finds: Pendant Necklaces

Today’s Fashion Finds are on pendants!  I’ve gotten a few emails asking me where my yellow and turquoise pendants are from.  The yellow one is from Old Navy, and the turquoise one is from Forever 21.

I found a few great alternatives for you!

1.  Darkwood Yellow Teardrop Necklace by Good Wood
2.  Ann Taylor option
3.  Teal Teardrop Necklace by Good Wood
4.  Claytona Turquoise Necklace by Aldo
5.  Filigree Leaf Pendant by Tyler Stained Glass Creations

I LOOOOOOOOVE the Good Wood necklaces.  I’m totally contemplating getting that teal one!

The Aldo Claytona option is very reasonably priced and very similar to my Forever 21 turquoise necklace.

The Filigree Leaf Pendant is a unique, handmade design, and it’s made of stained glass, which means light glows through.  Pretty cool!  You can get it in multiple colors and other designs besides leaves.  Check them out for some unique, but reasonably priced pendants.

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