Fashion Finds – Mint Bottoms

Hello, and happy Friday!

Even though I’ve linked to some mint jeans at the bottom of my recent summer packing post, some of you have still been asking me about them, so I have two more options to draw your attention to.

And, both of them are 15% off when you use the code PMT15 at each respective store!

I love this shade for mint jeans from Shy Boutique.  If I didn’t already have a pair, this is what I’d probably get.  And if you use PMT15 for 15% off, they’re less than $36.
These aren’t jeans but they are adorable paperbag shorts from Daisy Rae Boutique!  If paperbag shorts looked decent on me I’d totally get them.  With 15% off, these are less than $25 and can be your go-to for the rest of the summer.

I had a third item I wanted to show you, which was a super cute yellow dress I picked up from Old Navy yesterday, but they don’t carry it in yellow online anymore!  Boo.  Instead, lookout for a One Piece Many Ways post on it in a couple of weeks.  Until then, I’ll be wearing it at a wedding this weekend.  Besides celebrating our friends’ marriage, I’m also excited because we’ll get to see our best friends who are coming from 12 hours away!  Follow along on Twitter and Instagram if you like!  What are you guys up to this weekend?

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