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This week’s Fashion Find isn’t really a “fashion” find, per se, but it’s really awesome nonetheless!
I want to introduce you to  I don’t know how I found them–probably through someone else’s blog–and it is AWESOME.  It has a wide variety of your typical drugstore products that you can order online and have shipped to your front door!  Plus, it’s cheaper than–*gulp*–Target.  There, I said it.  It’s a little bittersweet.  You guys know how much I love Target, so for me to buy something from somewhere else when Target carries the item is a BIG DEAL.  Yay for cheaper!  Sad for me to have to say I’m not buying something from Target.  🙁
Okay, here’s a nice bullet point list of why I’m digging  
  • Wide variety of products.  Sometimes one store doesn’t carry a product that I want and I have to go to another store just for that product.  With I don’t have to drive to different stores to get certain makeup items or different brands/products that I’m attached to.  Hello, time saver!
  • I don’t have to worry as much about products being sold out.  I don’t know how it is at your Target, but at my local one the products I want are often sold out, especially the makeup items.  It drives me nuts.  
  • Carry some products not sold in stores.  There are a few products that I show in the pic below that I love but are not sold in stores anymore.  I cannot even begin to explain how ecstatic I was to see carry them!
  • Ships to your front door.  Always a plus, no?  And the shipping is quite quick!
  • Pharmacy & Contact Lenses.  You can get these products!  I have yet to order either of these types of items, but I love the fact that they’re available.
  • Earn cash back for shopping there.  Earn money for buying products I use everyday?  No brainer.
  • Great prices!  The prices are very comparable to Target, and like I said earlier, often cheaper.  They also have lots of sales and promotions that are too good to be true in my mind.  But the deals are real!

Here are some items that B and I ordered last night and some that I’ve ordered in the past.  Below I explain why it made me happy to buy these from

1.  Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Scrub – B loves this stuff, but it was $2 more at our local Target than it is here.  We couldn’t stomach paying $8 at Target for it, but $6 for how much B loves it felt much better!

2.  Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash – We loooove this stuff, especially the smell.  And it lathers so well.  Target stopped selling it, though, and only sells the newer version in the skinny bottle, which is NOT THE SAME.  Bed, Bath & Beyond carries this product, but it’s a bit inconvenient to have to go to BBB just for some body wash when I’m constantly at Target.  With we can get it with the click of a button!  And it’s cheaper here than at BBB.

3.  Aveeno Lotion – Again, cheaper here!  My current bottle has been running out, so I figured since we were placing an order with, why not throw it in the cart?

4.  Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay Eye Pencil by Carmindy – This isn’t sold at Target; only at CVS.  Again, I found it inconvenient to go to another store just for some makeup, but I like this pencil so much.  Also, it is often sold out at CVS.  With I don’t have to worry about it–and also it’s cheaper!  (Do I need to keep telling you it’s cheaper at haha)

5.  Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer – If you couldn’t tell, I’m a drugstore makeup kind of person.  Nothing too fancy.  And I love this primer.  It goes on so smoothly without drying out my skin.  In fact, my skin feels nourished and soft after using this stuff!  It’s often sold out at Target, which gets frustrating quickly.  Thank you for carrying it!  There was a deal on it of Buy One Get One 50% Off, so I bought two!

6 & 7.  Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Eye ShadowAmethyst and Quartz.  I love these eye shadows, but again, they’re only sold at CVS.  And in fact, I think CVS stopped carrying them because I hadn’t been able to find them for about a year. to the rescue again!

I also bought a couple other Aveeno products that I didn’t show, but there were coupons for $2 off from  And the beauty is that you don’t have to search for the coupons–they’re right there on the site.  You just click a button and the discount will be taken off for you, like so:

Anyway, this post ended up being longer than I thought, but there you have it!  If you haven’t heard of this place yet, you’ve gotta check it out.  It is amazingly convenient, and if you couldn’t tell from this post, I’m definitely a fan.

Have a great weekend!

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