Fall Shopping: Scarves

As I’ve been looking for scarves this season, I have come to a couple of conclusions.  First, there are a BILLION SCARVES OUT THERE.  Not really new information, but my freaking goodness!  It’s kind of overwhelming to figure out what kinds of scarves to add to your collection.  My tendency is to buy whichever pretty scarf catches my eye and not really think intentionally about the types of scarves I have.  But I don’t want to do that because like I said, there are approximately one billion of those and you can get yourself into trouble that way.
Instead, I’m looking at my scarf collection to identify what kinds of scarves would actually be helpful to add.  As I combed through scarves I came to my second conclusion which was that I could put the billion scarves into categories to make it less overwhelming to figure out what I’m searching for.  There are plenty of other categories of scarves, but these are the main ones I was drawn to.
I could seriously do a separate post on each category, but I’ve spared you and stuck with samples.  This is just to give you an idea of types of scarves you could think of to be more intentional in your own search.  

Knit Scarves
Knit scarves, particularly of the semi chunky variety.  There are lots of even chunkier ones out there that you can find all over Etsy too.  These kinds of knits are typically what I think of when I think of a scarf for fall or winter.
Option 1 & Option 2 When I think of fall scarves, immediately solid knits come to mind.  I love the mustard color in option 1 and the texture of the neutral one in #2.

Option 3  |  Option 4   |  Option 5 I typically forget that knits can come in designs beside solid colors.  I love the idea of knit scarves in herringbone, color blocking, or stripes to play up the design while still bundling you with warmth. 

Check Scarves
For some reason I always associated checked scarves with being high end, probably because of those Burberry scarves.  Since I never really got into those it somehow made me write off check scarves altogether.  But from the options above I realized that there are checked scarves out there that I do identify with, and now I’m eager to try some!

First of all, I’m banking on the fact while there might be scratchy ones out there, some of them are going to be suuuuuper soft.  I’m looking forward to that.  Secondly, to me, “fall” = plaid shirts, so I don’t know why I’ve waited so long with checked scarves!

Option 6I’m totally digging this Zara option that Shanna featured recently.  It just screams “fall” to me, and it can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up into a chic outfit with a blazer, similar to how Shanna wore it.

Option 7 & Option 8 Totally like a flannel shirt made into a scarf!  I can easily picture these with a white tee, black faux leather moto jacket, jeans and ankle boots or sprucing up a plain cardigan.

Option 9This is less than $13 from Uniqlo and comes in 5 different colors.  I think the red with light blue is adorable!

Gauze Scarves
Okay, I’m not sure these are all gauze, but this was more or less my category for “other.”  Besides chunky knits, these are the kinds of scarves I gravitate towards.  For fall weather I usually go for fuller gauze scarves.

Option 10This is a honeycomb print that looks like polka dots, and I think the pattern and colors are great for any season!  This can definitely be dressed up or down.

Option 11This is a fun mixture of polka dots and chevron, two of my favorite things!  It’s a pretty fun scarf that keeps things slightly quirky and upbeat.  

Option 12I reallyyyyy like this scarf and almost didn’t want to show it to you until I bought it for myself.  I can’t articulate why I like it, but I do.  There’s something a little more sophisticated about it compared to what I normally get, yet it’s still friendly.  The other two times I felt affinity like this towards scarves were with my chevron scarf and my leopard scarf, both of which are from Old Navy and are the top two scarves you guys ask me about.  I’d better go with my gut and snatch this up before I regret it!

Option 13 Leopard scarf.  Like I just said, I get a lot of questions about my leopard scarf, and I think this is a fantastic option.  

There are tons of other kinds of scarves, like those silk square ones that are definitely more sophisticated.  But you guys know me by now, I’m more on the casual side and I thought these were great categories of scarves that lend themselves nicely to more casual dressing.  
What kinds of scarves are you looking into this fall?
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