Fall Shopping: (Non-Pencil) Skirts

When I did a fall shopping post on fun pencil skirts I got some requests for non-pencil skirt options for fall.  While I like to think that you can wear most skirts in the fall with boots, tights, or more neutral colors, there are some that just scream “fall” more than others.  
The style of these skirts are across the board.  Some are cute for everyday casual wear, and I imagine them with riding boots and tights.  Others I imagine to be more appropriate for a chic, dressed up look, either for an office or for going out.  
The skirts in the first row lend themselves to more casual style, and the third row has all the patterned skirts.
Option #1 – For a couple of years I looked for a skirt similar to this.  I eventually gave up, and now it’s here!  I love skirts with buttons down the front as I think they add cute and simple details to an otherwise plain skirt.  This can easily be paired with tights and riding boots on the bottom, and on top tuck in any shirt.  
Option #2 – This skirt is too short for me, or else I’d buy it in a heartbeat.  Though it’s a pretty happy color that you would think is made for spring/summer, I love yellow in the fall.  (Who are we kidding, I love yellow all the time.)  If you click to the item, ModCloth has pics of how customers have styled it.  My favorite of course is the second pic from October Rebel.  I LOVE how she pairs it with a navy printed top.  Perfect for fall!
Option #3 – Another skirt of the button variety in a fun fall color.  Pair this (and the two previous ones) with a sweater, a plaid shirt, or a t-shirt + cardigan–anything, really!
Option #4 – This is that ridiculously adorable J.Crew Factory skirt that people were swooning over.  This can totally be worn in a casual, laid-back outfit with a t-shirt and cardigan or a preppier look with a white button-up layered under a sweater.  Comes in black and tan.
Option #5 – Leather trim!  *swoon* 
Option #6 – I think I saw this from Tara on Mix & Match Fashion.  Not only is forest green great for fall, but the skirt is textured which is even better.  I can’t know for sure online, but it seems like it’s got a nice weight to it–definitely not those ultra flimsy skirts that roll out in the summer and spring.  Pair it with a fun patterned blouse and some heels, booties, or sleek boots!
Option #7 – Simple black skirt, in case anyone was looking for one of these.  This would go well with riding boots in a casual look or sleeker boots for a dressed up look.  Amazingly enough, it’s from Target.  However, I can’t tell online how thick the material actually is, so no promises there.
Option #8 – Leather pleated skirt.  YESSS.  I’m so glad this leather skirt isn’t super short!  The length is elegant while still allowing you to add some toughness to your office or going-out look.  
Option #9 – I was glad to find this because most animal print skirts I see are either really short or they’re pencil skirts.  This is a great option for a fuller skirt in an appropriate length.  I actually love the outfit the model is wearing on the shop site.  She pairs it with a simple, slightly delicate black blouse to soften it up.
Options #10 & 11 – These are sweater skirts!  I’ve never owned a sweater skirt, but it sounds comfy.  (Unless it’s itchy…but hopefully creators of sweater skirts have though of that…)  These will easily transition from fall to winter.
Option #12 – I had to show at least one maxi skirt.  And of course it would be striped!  You can really wear this all year round.  In cooler weather, layer tights underneath (fleece lined tights!) and pair with ankle boots.  

Prior to blogging I thought fall looks all had to be really sleek with dark colors and slightly more dressed up.  Then I discovered that there are skirts like the ones in the first row that could be paired with riding boots or flats for casual, colorful fall looks.
Even though the skirts in rows two and three don’t fit my lifestyle right now, like AT ALL, I love love love the types of looks you can make with them too!
Which kinds of skirts would fit your lifestyle better?  Row 1 or Rows 2/3…or both?

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