Fall Shopping: Dresses

Man, you guys.  I love fall.  It’s still in the high 70’s to low 80’s here, and though I try to be grateful for our weather I’m also yearning to dress in some more layers.
One thing I really love about fall is adding tights and boots to every dress I own.  Does it get old?  Err, nope!  Not to me, at least.  🙂  Every time I shop online I’m immediately drawn to dresses!  Below are a bunch that would be great for fall, and I broke them up into three different categories to make the spread a little less overwhelming.  These make me want to step on some crunchy leaves with my boots!  
Shirt Dresses:
I own two, though I don’t think I’ve ever blogged them.  I bought them years before I started blogging and wore them all the time, and when I shifted my style I somehow thought shirt dresses weren’t cool enough to wear.  Not true at all!  And I really, really miss them!  
Option 1 – I’ve wanted an olive shirt dress for years.  This one is from Old Navy, so you can bet I’m gonna go check it out.  I would pair it with booties, boots (of course) or red flats.  
Option 2 –  This is so cute.  Also comes in blue with tiny dots on it!  
Option 3 – This chambray shirt dress has tiny dots all over it too.  I don’t think I could pull it off, but I think it’d be adorable on other people.
Option 4 – A printed shirt dress is a really fun way to liven up a shirt dress.  While this is an all-over print, the black and white color scheme keeps it from being overwhelming.  Pair it with colorful pumps or of course, a sleek boot.

Casual Dresses:

Option 1 – Very adorable chambray dress!  Another dress that’s great with boots and a cardigan or colored flats and a cardigan or blazer.  
Option 2 – I’ve always wanted a sweater dress but haven’t been able to justify it living where I live.  It would hardly get worn!  But, sweater dresses and boots?  <3
Option 3 – Fall dresses can still be colorful and cute!  This one would pair so well with cardigans and boots, and it’ll transition really well to other seasons.  
Option 4 – Um, polka dot sweater dress?  Enough said.

Office/Work Dresses:

Option 1 – This dress comes in a bunch of different colors, my favorites being the grey shown above and maroon.  Not only would this work for an office setting, but I think with some shiny jewelry and the right shoes you could wear this to a fall wedding.  
Option 2 – This is a great fall dress that could be worn with heels (and tights if needed) for an office or with riding boots and a denim jacket or cardigan to be more casual.  
Option 3 – This is on sale with an additional 40% off!  It’ll pair great with a blazer and can be worn in multiple seasons depending on how you layer it.
Option 4 – Same styling ideas as above.  This dress and Option 3 can both be styled for events outside the office, like bridal showers or running errands.  

Personally, I think a shirt dress is moving up the priority ladder on my shopping list this fall!  
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