Fall Shopping: Cognac Boots

Are you ready to get overwhelmed by boots?  Cuz, I just overwhelmed myself.  
In the last Fall Shopping post a lot people said they were looking for cognac boots, and I’m looking into a new pair as well.  Here are some of the boots that came up in my search from all different price ranges and shaft heights and calf sizes, including some that come in wider calf sizes too.  
I was pretty mean to my last pair of boots and didn’t take good care of them, which I totally regret.  I spent about $130 on them (can’t remember exactly) with gift money a couple of years ago.  I do NOT regret spending more on boots because they feel and look so much better than the less expensive ones I tried.  That does not mean you can’t find great fit, great structure, and great material for less, though!
I recognize everyone is on a different budget and care less or more about some of the things I named above, so there are two groups of boots below.  Group 1 ranges between $50-85 and Group 2 is around $100-200.  Some of them are steeply discounted so some of the lower priced ones may still be good quality.
I haven’t read all the reviews for all of them yet so I have no idea how these fit or will hold up or what the material is like.  That said, of course please do your own research and read what reviewers say about them.  Let us know in the comments below if you have any insight to any of these!

Group 1: $50-85
1.  Target – $75
2.  Herritage – $59 (orig. $79)
3.  Target – $50
4.  Francesca’s – $68
5.  JCPenney – $49
6.  Chinese Laundry – $50 (orig. $90)
7.  Michael Antonio – $51 (orig $85)
8.  Nine West – $85 (orig. $159)
9.  Pink & Pepper – $69

Group 2: About $100-200

10.  Naturalizer – $180 (orig. $199)
11.  Fidji – $162 (orig. $295!!!)
12.  Franco Sarto – $96 (orig $149)
13.  Jessica Simpson – $159
14.  DV by Dolce Vita – $101
15.  Steve Madden – $149
16.  Nine West – $108 (orig. $159)
17.  Franco Sarto – $189

Here’s a question: What do you all look for when boot shopping?  
Besides obvious things like if they fit around my calves or how high they come up, some things I consider:
  • Does the material look cheap?  (like leather or pleather?) 
  • Will the boots stay up or sag at the ankle?  (And do I care about that?)
  • How much hardware do I want on them?
  • Will they work with a casual plaid shirt / cardigan / jeans outfit as well as be sleek and professional for a more office-appropriate look with a dress or skirt?  Or, will they make my dress look pretty casual?
When I bought my cognac boots a couple of years ago I majorly lucked out because I had never really put thought into buying boots and didn’t know what to look for.  I happened to land on a pair that I loved, but mostly on accident.  
So, anything else you guys look for?  Help a sista out.
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