Fall Shopping: Black Boots

Well, though I’m still in the market for some new cognac boots, I’m also debating about black ones.  I would like black ones for my maroon jeans and olive jeans.  Mostly the maroon, though, since cognac always looks a little weird and superhero-ish with them.  
I find that black boots can either look very motorcycle chic or very preppy and equestrian.  Not that I think anything is wrong with either of those, but that’s not what I’m looking for in a black boot at the moment.  I want black boots with a little bit of detail to them, but not something that will look too hard or too preppy.  Finding that balance seems a little more difficult with black boots than with cognac boots simply because of the nature of the color black.  (Or maybe my tune will change when I try on a pair of black boots that is either “too hard” or “too preppy” and become smitten.  Who knows?)
Below are some that came up in my search.  They’re all at different price points, but mostly under $100. 
They’re in 3 categories: top row – no buckles, middle row – buckles at the ankles, bottom row – buckles on ankles and calves.  
Top Row: No Buckles
1.  Target – $75
2.  Nine West via Macy’s – $110
4.  Rampage via Amazon – $59
Option #1 is exactly the look I want.  It’s simple, but has that cute button detail at the top.  My only qualm is that it doesn’t have great reviews, and for $75, 3.5 stars won’t cut it.  Does anyone have these, and if so, how do you like them?
Option #3 is a close second, so I might hunt it down and give it a shot.

Middle Row: Buckles at Ankles
5.  Bandolino via Amazon – $89
6.  6pm – $50
7.  Zappos – $89
8.  DSW – $70
Some of these might fit what I’m looking for, particularly option #5 or option #8.  I really like the seams that #8 has along the calf.  I think that’s a nice way to give it some texture without adding more bells and whistles.
Bottom Row: Buckles at Ankles and Calves
9.  Target – $70
10.  Zappos – $85
11.  Target – $40

Since I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’m going to get black boots, maybe you can try to convince me.  Black boots, yes or no?  If yes, why?

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