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I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that I will go for a couple of months hardly buying anything, and then one month I’ll purchase a big haul of stuff.  It all balances out in the end and I’m never outside of my budget, but some months I’ll admit I do look a little crazy.  
That said, NO, I did not buy all of the things listed below.  Not yet, anyway.  Muahaha.  I bought some of them along with a few others I didn’t show but will link to below, and I’m contemplating the rest.  I usually love fall clothing, but I’m not gonna lie…right now I’m really excited for spring!  It’s hard not to be when it’s 70 and sunny over here.  D
Here’s what I’m eyeing or buying these days:
1.  Tomato Red Pintuck Blouse – Allllmost purchased this, and still contemplating.  I have a top just like this in navy (worn here) and wear it a lot more than I thought I ever would.  I love this bright tomato red and don’t have much in my closet like it…but maybe that’s for a reason.  I couldn’t decide if I would really wear it–namely if it actually went with anything else in my closet–or if I was letting my emotions decide for me, which is not my favorite way to shop.  SO, I left it for now to continue thinking about.  Comes in white and navy too.
2.  Lace Skirt – I looked at this a week or two ago online, but it was sold out in my size and now it’s back in stock.  Woohoo!  I even went to the store to try to hunt it down, but no dice.  We have several weddings left this year, and with Addie still not taking a bottle I want another option for separates that I can dress up for a wedding and still nurse in.  I hope this skirt fits me because it’d fill a really nice hole in my closet!  

3.  Embroidered Top – Also in white and navy.  I’m still contemplating this one.  It’s a great piece for spring and summer as it’ll go with a lot of things and have the same versatility as a plain tee but look more interesting.  I’m just not sure about the structure of the sleeves for my arms.  Only way to know is to try it, right?

4.  Metallic Dots Tee – Have not ordered yet, but WANT.  And selfishly I did not want to even tell you guys about this tee until I ordered it because I don’t want it to be sold out.  Especially because it’s on sale.  It’s one of those pieces that is basic and neutral, which is easy for remixing, but has something special to it which keep outfits interesting.

BTW, can anyone speak to sizing for J.Crew Factory?  I’ve only actually bought things from there minimally, but I look longingly at stuff all the time and think I’d purchase from there more if I got familiar with the sizing.

5.  Floral Top – SO PRETTY.  Contemplating this too.  It’s a little pricier than I would normally pay for a top, but I can see it going with sooooooo many things and in a lot of different scenarios: casual, business casual, business (not like I need that one, though), and dressy.  I know there’s this whole thing about cost per wear and yaddy yadda, but it’s still hard for me to get over a certain price for a shirt.  If I end up with it, I will have thought loooooong and hard about it.

6.  Striped Sweatshirt – What can I say?  I’m a sucker for stripes.  I haven’t bought this and ultimately don’t think I will because I juuust bought a workout sweatshirt thing.  I’d way rather have this one, but too bad for me!

7 & 8.  Grey and Red Pebbled Clutches – I agonized over grey or red, but ultimately went with red.  I already have a cognac clutch and just got this black clutch from Sole Society, so I didn’t feel like I’d use a grey one much.  It’s a great color though!  And how cute would the red clutch be with the floral top?  <3

9.  Sunglasses – Oops, I just realized I included the wrong pair in the collage.  I didn’t purchase those because they’re sold out.  I purchased this similar pair in hopes that they are enormous.  (I looked at the measurements online, but you never know.)  I’d love some huge sunglasses right now!

That’s all, folks!

If any of you can tell me about J.Crew Factory sizing, I’d love some info!  Also, what are you all looking for as you get ready for spring?

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