Dress: Old Navy  |  Olive cardigan: Target  |  Belt: H&M  |  Wedges: Target  |  Bag: gift; ebags.com (shop)

While this outfit may not look particularly special to you, it’s significant to me.  I’ve had this dress and this cardigan for a long time, long before I discovered style blogs, but I’d never put them together.  I think it was partially because the cardigan didn’t provide shape to an already baggy dress plus I just hadn’t thought to do black and olive before.  Then I discovered style blogs and I figured out that you could belt a cardigan and that a belt could pull together a look in a cinch.  (Ha, sorry, couldn’t resist.)  In my enlightenment, this outfit was born, and I was a proud mama.  It marked a new way of looking at my wardrobe that I was excited to explore and ultimately led to creating this blog.  
I suppose I should be saving this kind of stuff for my posts about building a remixable wardrobe, but really, this whole blog is about figuring out how to work my closet, right?  Right.  I still haven’t written the remixable wardrobe posts, but they’re a’comin!
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