Some of My Favorite Fall Staples + 3 Go-To Fall Outfits + Extra 35% Off Code

This is the time of year when life transitions from that wonderful laid back summer feeling to the rush and busyness of fall and the school year approaching.  To help you prepare for this season, I’m partnering with J.Crew Factory to share some of my favorite fall staples!
Easy Fall Outfits
J.Crew Factory’s items have been some of *the most* foundational and *the most* used pieces in my wardrobe, so I’m excited to show you some of their new arrivals for fall!  And they’re all on major sale!!!  I have loved several of these pieces and remixed them plenty, and I’m so glad they (or their updated versions) are back this fall.  These pieces are GOOD, and I really believe that having them in your closet will allow you to throw on something super easily when life’s busy this fall.  You’ll look really cute all fall (and winter) with ease!  
BTW, J.Crew Factory is offering FREE SHIPPING + EXTRA 35% OFF TODAY ONLY with code BIGFAN, so don’t miss out!  
SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and normally S/M or 6/8.  
black vest + striped tee + black sneakers
black vest + striped tee + distressed jeans + black sneakers
A striped tee and a puffer vest is one of my default outfits in the fall when I’m hanging out with Addie or running errands.  It’s a little sporty and cute at the same time!
This black vest is awesome, and if you don’t have one already you need to JUMP ON IT!  I got this last year and loved it it so much that I used it in the PMT Winter Style Challenge.  This vest is quilted, and I love that it’s not super puffy and instead maintains a sleeker profile.  I’ve heard some people say that puffer vests tend to make them look too top heavy, but these shouldn’t, while still providing warmth.

Wear this in a casual look with sneakers like in today’s outfit, or pair it with one of the button ups below + jeans + riding boots.  Also, if you’ve been thinking about getting a vest but have been on the fence, SO many women in last year’s PMT Winter Style Challenge said they were shocked by how much they fell in love with puffer vests after the challenge.  Give it a shot!

This vest comes in 6 colors HERE and is additional 35% off with code BIGFAN, lowering it from $79.50 to a steal at $45!  (The extra 35% off will show in your shopping cart when you apply the discount code.)  I wear the vest in size S, the tee in M.

Shop for the Look:
Striped Tee–wearing size M
Puffer Vest–this year’s version; wearing size S
Similar Jeans
Similar Bag

red navy plaid + jeans + tan booties
red navy plaid button up + jeans + tan ankle boots
red navy plaid button up
I’ve been asked a lot about my red/navy plaid flannel button up which is from J.Crew Factory last year.  The one I’m showing above is this year’s new version, and it’s even better than the one I got last year!  It’s got dots on the inside, so when you roll up the sleeves you get some cute and interesting pattern mixing.  Stinking adorable!

It’s also only $29 today with the sale!  This is a MUST-HAVE in my closet, and for how much use you’ll get out of it, at $29 you absolutely need to scoop this up!  Find it HERE.  I wear size S.  (P.S. This color option shows a broken image link on the product page.  Click it, and it should say “red blue” as the color–that’s the one I’m wearing.)

See ways I’ve worn a red/navy button up HERE and HERE.  

Shop for the Look:
Red Navy Plaid Button Up–wearing size S
Similar Jeans
Similar Booties
Similar Tote

navy gingham + jeans + taupe booties + white cardigan
navy gingham + jeans + taupe booties + cream cardigan
navy gingham + white cardigan + jeans + taupe booties
navy gingham + white cardigan
Lastly, one of my most remixed pieces ever, this navy gingham button up!  It’s lightweight, so it works for spring, fall, and some of winter depending on how much you layer or how cold your winters are.  With jeans and a cardigan, this is one of my favorite outfit combos in the fall.  I also LOVE this (and the red one above) layered under vests.

Heads up, the sleeves are on the shorter side, but I always roll mine up so I don’t notice.  Also, if might require steaming or ironing out of the dryer, or just pull it out of the dryer immediately and fluff it out to minimize wrinkles.

I’ve worn this thing soooo much (see them all HEREHERE, and HERE), and it’s only $25 today after you apply the discount code!  Find it HERE.  I wear size S.

Also, if you’re looking for an oversized cardigan, J.Crew Factory has one!  The weave is a little open, but overall this is slightly heavier than the oversized cardigans I tend to wear.  It comes in this ivory color and a darker grey, and I especially love how this ivory one looks with the navy gingham button up!  Find the cardigan HERE on major sale for only $44!

Shop for the Look:
Navy Gingham Button Up–wearing size S
Oversized Cardigan–wearing size S
Similar Jeans
Similar Bag
Similar Booties 

These pieces are all interchangeable and can be mixed and matched through out fall for very, very easy outfits!  The vest and cardigan each work with the striped top, red/navy plaid top, and the navy gingham.  These are some of my favorite fall staples, so if you don’t have pieces like these in your wardrobe already, I HIGHLY suggest giving them a shot!

Remember, they’re all an extra 35% off from the prices listed, and the discounts will show in your cart once you put in the code BIGFAN.

In light of FREE SHIPPING and the additional 35% off sale, I’ve rounded up some fall picks for women.  I included some for little girls too in case anyone’s doing back-to-school shopping for the daughters!

Also, if you are a student or a teacher, you can receive an extra 15% off through 9/30!  Check it out HERE!

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
This post was created in partnership with J.Crew Factory


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