I love blogging and I love trying to make style accessible to women.  I spend a lot of time and energy on this blog, and I put a lot of effort into making this blog as helpful as I can for others.  As a way for me to be compensated for that time and energy I use affiliate programs and take on sponsorships.
Since I want you to know about how all of that works, here are the ways I earn compensation from Putting Me Together:
Affiliate Links
I use both pay-per-click and pay-per-purchase programs, which means I receive a small commission every time you click on or purchase through a shopping link.

I used to provide shopping links without using any affiliate/commission services, so I’m very grateful for these services so that I can do the same thing I was already doing but be compensated a little.  🙂

Sponsors, Reviews, Giveaways, and Featured Items
Putting Me Together is open to collaborating with companies to review items, host giveaways, or feature items received as gifts (indicated by c/o—courtesy of).  I collaborate with companies that I think would be of interest to PMT’s readership, and all opinions written about these companies and products are my genuine opinion and are never done at a company’s request.

As a reader of Putting Me Together I want to thank you for engaging with the site by browsing through the links provided.  It helps compensate me for the time and effort I put into this blog, and I really, really appreciate your support!

– Audrey