Dark Times

(You might recognize this outfit from my 7×7 Remix, but I’m posting it again because I finally wore it.  Second pic is borrowed from the 7×7 remix post, which explains the different shoes.)  
Okay, so….this outfit?  I can safely say this never woulda happened a couple of years ago.  Can you believe that not too long ago my wardrobe was mostly filled with dark colors?  I only realized it because my mom made it a point to comment regularly on how everything I wore was always so “dark dark”–whatever that means.  When I see an outfit like this or the rest of my outfits as of late it’s hard to believe, but what she said was true.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve made it out of the dark era and into the light!  *pats self on the back*
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Top: Target (similarsimilar–in “floral”, similar)
Jacket: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy (maybe exact?, similar, similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)
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