Coral & Floral

Top: Forever 21  |  Skirt: Loft, thrifted  |  Belt: Forever 21  |  Wedges: Target (shop)  |  Bracelet: Thailand night market

I saw these items together in my laundry pile and thought that pulling out the pinks in the top with a coral skirt was a no brainer.  Almost a little too easy.  So I threw on a striped belt just to keep you on your toes.
Speaking of being on your toes, it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.  My co-worker told me that he took his 5 year old son to lunch and asked his son if he thought any girls were cute.  According to my co-worker, this is how it went:
Kid: Well, there’s a girl, Caitlin, who I think is pretty.
Dad: Okay, who else?
Kids: —gets awkward, sheepish smile on his face and tilts head to side–
Dad: You wanna say Audrey, huh?
Kid: —gets more sheepish and nods yes–
Dad: Mm, of course.  Anyone else?
Kid: And there’s another girl in class, Marilyn who has pretty blonde hair, and it’s curly.  I like that.
Dad: So girls you think are cute: two girls in your kindergarten class aaannnnd Audrey?
Kid: —grins and nods–

People, I’ve got some competition.  You’re gonna have to help me step up my game to keep up with these younger girls. 
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