Colored Pants and Reality

Top: H&M  |  Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s  |  Blazer: Target (gift)  |  Gold flats: Target  |  Belt: H&M

Wow, I did not expect the first post on Building a Remixable Wardrobe to have that kind of effect, but I’m really glad it was helpful for so many of you!  Thank you for your comments and feedback–it helps me know how I can make those posts more helpful for you.  🙂  I hope you weren’t expecting Part 2 of the series today because I wasn’t planning on it until Friday.
I just have a normal outfit post for you (backed up from last Tuesday).  Well, maybe it’s not so normal to some.  On Tuesday evening, my friend peered through the dark and asked in an accusatory tone, “Are you wearing red pants?!?!” like I would be SO WEIRD if I was.  When I replied that these were burgundy, she took that as the green light to laugh at the “new red pants fad” among her high schoolers and what not.  I was caught off-guard because in the style blogging world red pants almost seem like old news, but some days reality hits and you are reminded that the real world still thinks red pants are silly.  I just chuckled to myself and thought, “This is reason #592 why I started a style blog…”  A world where no pants are discriminated against because of their color.  🙂
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