Cold Weather Shopping: Pullover Sweaters

I’ve spent a lot of time this fall / winter searching for pieces to revamp my cold weather wardrobe.  I think last year was the first year I really worked on it, and this year it’s time to build on the slim foundation I started.
If I recall correctly, I think I owned one sweater at the beginning of last fall.  Maybe two.  By the end, I had built it up to a few more, but let’s face it…I have 3 black and white striped sweaters.  It’s probably time to broaden the scope!
I searched for pullover crew neck sweaters that I could layer over button ups or wear by themselves.  I tried to break out of the standard plain, solid sweater so that my winter wardrobe could have a little more variety.  Searching for these opened my eyes up to a bunch of different types of sweaters to try.  I put them in 3 categories:
All are from Target, Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21 or Kohl’s.
Textured Solids:
I typically go for plain, solid sweaters which is fine for basics, but not when it’s time to expand a little.  To liven up a solid sweater, I focused on ones that have some sort of texture or brighter colors…or both!  Whether it’s a cable knit, a honeycomb, waffling, or a marled effect, there are so many solid sweaters out there with interesting textures.

Option 1 – This cable knit Gap sweater comes in several colors and looks pretty cozy.

Option 2 – The waffle knit livens it up a little, making it a great neutral sweater.  (Forever 21)

Option 3 – I really like honeycomb patterns.  To me, they don’t seem quite as bulky as most cable knits and the texture is more subtle.  Also comes in other colors.  (Old Navy)

Option 4 – What a great color!  Currently on sale for $16.  (Target)

Option 5 – The pop of coral against the grey is a cute way to add color to neutrals.  There’s also a maroon / magenta one.  (Target)

Option 6 – Same sweater as #4, but I had to show it because I love mustard yellow!  These are junior’s sizing and look pretty fitted on the model.  I would personally try sizing up to be able to layer comfortably.  (Target)

Option 7 – This isn’t completely solid, as it has that marled effect.  This one looks a little oversized and therefore really cozy.  Could be paired with jeans or a leather skirt, or probably even a pencil skirt.

Option 8 – Another cozy, oversized sweater.  Also comes in a lighter grey, which I actually like more.  (Forever 21)

While I only showed stripes and fair isle, there’s tons of patterns out there!  Argyle, polka dots, and hearts, just to name a few.  

Option 1 – A classic black and white striped sweater, but with cute buttons at the shoulder to give it a tiny twist!  (Forever 21)

Option 2 – Not just stripes, but striped with a diamond pattern!  It’s got a little bit of a preppy vibe to it.  It also looks like it could go great with skirts as well as pants.  Try it layered over a button up with a denim or colored pencil skirt and riding boots!  (Forever 21) 

Option 3 – Fair Isle sweater that comes in two other versions.  Feels sorta festive without being over the top!  (Old Navy)  

Option 4 – This Gap sweater comes in three very cute versions and colors.  They’re so cheerful!  I love the mixture of fair isle with polka dots on the bottom.  


Option 1 – I’m not a huge fan of birds in general, (been pooped on a WHOLE lot), but I’ve gotta admit that these bird sweaters are starting to grow on me!  Since the print is only in the center and the rest of the sweater is neutral, this can be paired with a lot of different kinds of tops and bottoms, including patterned ones.  (Target)

Option 2 – Same idea as the bird sweater.  These are great for people who kind of want to pattern mix but are hesitant.  For example, the model pairs this with a polka dot button up, and because the print is in the middle rather than all over, it’s not distracting to have the mixture of the print with the polka dot patterned top.  I think you could even layer plaid tops under this and option 1.  They’d also look really cute with skirts!  (Old Navy)

Option 3 – Comes in 3 colors.  I’ve never tried this sweater, but it has great reviews online about how comfy it is!  (LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s)

Option 4 – This appears to be on the thinner side, but I couldn’t resist showing something with metallic polka dots!  So freaking cute.  You could easily dress this down with jeans and ankle boots or pair it with a skirt.  Also comes in grey and silver. (Kohl’s)

Which of these would you wear?  Also, help give the rest of us more ideas–what’s your most-worn type of pullover sweater?  

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