This weekend was packed.  We celebrated a number of things all weekend, from Father’s day, to a couple of birthdays, to my brother getting engaged!  I wore this dress for my brother’s engagement party, and apparently maxi dresses are on point right now because four other girls showed up in maxi dresses too.  Smart choice.  
To me, maxi dresses balance out my indecision.  If I’m going to have a long day and I want to wear a dress, I worry about the 20+ degree temp swings here in San Diego that can happen within a day.  But with maxi dresses I don’t risk being too cold with bare legs once the temps dip at night, and I’m not too hot in the middle of the day like I would be if my legs were suffocated in pants.  Also, I’m always worried about being overdressed or underdressed (I’m the worst at figuring out what’s “appropriate” for an event), and maxi dresses seem to perfectly teeter between dressed up and casual.  Maybe no one else thinks that, but do me a favor and keep letting me think that because it helps me stress less about what to wear.  Like, birthday party at the beach?  Oh, I’ll just throw on a maxi dress.  Bridal shower?  Maxi dress. Engagement party?  Maxi dress.  Nap time?  Pajama-like maxi dress.  Works every time.  

And now here’s an overwhelming number of maxi dresses!  Ha.  To overwhelm you more, everything in the top row comes in multiple colors too.

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Dress: Piperlime (almost exact, similar)
Denim Jacket: Target (exact, similar)

Shoes: Target (exact)
Belt: H&M

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