9 Outfit Formulas: Casual and Work Outfits for Being Comfy at Home

Comfy Outfits for Being at Home During COVID-19

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Let’s talk about outfits for being comfy at home!

You guys know I’m ALL ABOUT having insanely comfortable clothes.  Times are crazy right now.  For many of us, our new normal includes being at home way more, juggling time with kids way more, and some of us trying to work from home among it all.  Many of you expressed wanting help with comfy outfits at home for both casual and work styles, so let’s do it!

Last week I shared some of my favorite COMFY clothes from Nordstrom, and today I’m following that up with 9 outfit formulas you can wear with those pieces.  They include both casual and work outfits for being comfy at home–and beyond! 🎉

BTW, given our need to be socially distant and not shop in stores, I want to point out that Nordstrom makes shopping online super duper easy.  They offer free shipping AND free return shipping on all orders!  This is especially helpful when you don’t know what size to order.  I always order multiple sizes and return for free the one that doesn’t work.  Also, if you want to get your items sooner, Nordstrom offers curbside pickup.  You can order online, drive up to the store, and an awesome Nordstrom rep will bring your order out to your car.  So helpful not having to tote kids into a store!


More Outfits on My Nordstrom Looks Page

You can shop today’s outfits AND MORE from my Nordstrom Looks page!  I created 17 outfits that mix and match today’s items.  Plus, I’ve created TONS of looks in the past, so for outfit ideas galore head over to my Nordstrom Looks page!

Also, remember to sign up for the Nordy Club to rack up points while you shop!

Let’s get to the outfit formulas.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes.



Several people mentioned wanting comfy outfits for being at home with kids, but different than pajamas.  Having worked from home for many, many years, I’ve found it’s crucial to get ready and out of pajamas everyday to maintain sanity.

I’ll start with a few outfit formulas using my favorite Zella leggings.  Wear these at home all day with kids and still look cute to take a walk or to run out for a quick errand.

Casual Outfits with Leggings and Outfit Formulas

1. Leggings + Tunic Sweater + Leopard Print Sneakers
A loose tunic sweater is a great way to make a cute outfit with leggings that’s still super comfortable.  Wear it with black slip on sneakers, or make it even more interesting with leopard print sneakers!  Shop this whole outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear the leggings in size M.

2. Leggings + Tee + Denim Jacket
This is one of my go-to leggings outfits.  If your weather allows, pair leggings with any tee for a sporty look.  Here I’m showing my favorite white tee.  The KEY to pulling this together is to add the denim jacket.  This is my insanely comfy KUT From the Kloth denim jacket so it’s easy to wear all day.  If you don’t need the extra layer, at least tie it around your waist.  That helps cover your rear, also!  Shop these items from my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear the leggings in size M, tee in size S, and jacket in size M.

3. Leggings + Sweatshirt + Denim Jacket
Leggings with a casual sweater or sweatshirt is another sporty look!  If your sweater or sweatshirt is too short, tie the denim jacket around your waist to cover your rear.  Top off the look with white or black slip on sneakers, or add leopard print sneakers to make it more interesting.  Shop this outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear the leggings in size M and jacket in size M.

There are even more leggings outfits on my Nordstrom Looks page HERE.



Most people don’t think outfits with jeans are very comfy, but ever since I discovered my Wit & Wisdom jeggings, I’ve begged to differ.  These are SO stretchy and comfy!  I’m featuring them in these looks, so shop them through one of the looks if you’re interested.

Here are some casual outfits with COMFY jeans you can wear at home with kids.

Comfy Jeans Outfits and Outfit Formulas

1. Jeans + Colorful Sweater or Sweatshirt + Sneakers
Throw on a colorful sweater or sweatshirt for an easy, casual look.  Top it off with slip-on sneakers, like white ones or leopard print.  Shop these items in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear the jeans in size 4.

2. Jeans + Printed Sweater or Sweatshirt + Sneakers
Another easy, casual look is jeans with a printed sweater or sweatshirt.  Prints provide a visual interest but are easy to throw on.  Top it off with slip-on sneakers.  Shop this outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

3. Black Jeans + Tee + Printed Cardigan or Denim Jacket
Pull together jeans and a tee with a comfy printed cardigan or a (super duper comfy) denim jacket.  Easy peasy!  To really pull it together, do a partial front tuck with the tee or knot it for a finishing detail.  Add slip-on sneakers when you need to go out.  White, black, or leopard print all work great.  Shop this outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

Check out another version of this outfit formula with a colored tee and denim jacket HERE.  Gotta love how you can get multiple combos from an outfit formula!



Several people mentioned working from home but still needing to look work-appropriate for video meetings.  For that, I actually focus on my pants being the most comfortable (though on a video meeting people probably wouldn’t see your pants.) But in case you need that, I’ll show some outfits with pants that are insanely comfortable.

Comfy Business Casual Outfits

1. Pants + Printed Top + Cardigan
A printed top provides visual interest to basic black pants.  These black pants are crazy comfy.  They’re thick and stretchy, so you’ll look polished but be comfortable at home, and comfy enough to tend to little kids between work meetings.  Shop this outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear size 4 in the pants.

2. Bootcut Jeans + Nice Sweater
For a relaxed business casual look, go for my favorite bootcut jeans that feel like yoga pants (!!) and a nice sweater.  Just make sure to add some jewelry to polish it off!  Easy, comfy, and put together.  Shop this outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE.

I wear size 8 in the jeans for more length and looser thighs.

3. Jeans + Blouse + Comfy Blazer or Cardigan
Since most of you expressed workwear being a little more casual with people working from home, here’s another look for work with jeans.  Use the same blouse from Outfit #1 and pair it with jeans and a COMFYYYYYY knit blazer.  I’ve talked about this blazer before, but it’s knit and feels like a SWEATSHIRT. The sweatshirt tends to run larger.  If you’re unsure, order multiple sizes since Nordstrom offers free shipping and free return shipping on all orders.  Shop the outfit in my Nordstrom Look HERE!

I wear size 4 in the jeans and usually XS in the blazer.


Hope this helps you get dressed and feel more in a routine for the long weeks at home ahead!  Remember, for even more outfit ideas, check out my Nordstrom Looks page!


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