Building Your Wardrobe (with NSale and More) + Outfit Ideas

I know it’s way too early to think about Fall clothes, but the Nordstrom sale has TONS of items I’d consider my fall staples.  This is extremely similar to my past lists, but I get asked about these items very, very often during fall/winter, but they are usually not in stores at that point and this time they are available!

I wrote about the crazy fall Nordstrom Sale last week, and today it’s finally open to everyone!  But seriously, you’ve gotta HURRY because stuff I posted last week is already sold out from the Nordstrom cardholder’s early access sweep.
Most items are from Nordstrom, but I included other options that are Old Navy and J.Crew Factory.  Almost all of these are under $50!  (minus the shoes and a couple of pairs of denim options)

Navy Polka Dot Button Up: Option (exact
Outfit Ideas  //  I always underestimate mine, but once I put it on I’m so appreciative of it.  I love the one shown above because the polka dots are smaller and on the subtler side.  This pairs fantastic with jeans or skirts and can be dressed up or down.  Highly recommended!  
Denim or Chambray Button Up: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
Outfit Ideas  //  This is a classic piece that is basically like jeans for your top half.  I had two that I didn’t LOVE, but when I saw this lighter wash one from Old Navy I knew I’d found a replacement.  It also comes in a medium wash.  I love that the buttons are blended into the top.  Nordstrom also has a lighter wash version HERE with dark buttons that define it a little more.  
Blue 3/4 Sleeve: Option 1 (exact)
Outfit Ideas  //  I LOVE my top that’s similar to this.  The option above comes in 12 different colors.  Such a comfy piece for fall!

Striped 3/4 Sleeve Tee: Option 1 (exact)
I’ve always got my eye on a great striped top, and this one fits the bill!  It’s currently on sale for $19.50.  
Gingham Button Down: Option 1 (exact)
Most gingham button downs I’ve tried have been stiff, but I prefer softer button ups for a more relaxed feel.  This one fit the bill!  I’m usually S/M and got this in S for a perfectly loose fit.  

Lace or Crochet Tank: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2
Outfit Ideas  //  My FAVORITE item in my closet!  Mine is from Target a billion years ago, but J.Crew Factory has the fantastic option I showed above and a similar second option.
Grey White Striped Blazer: Option 1 (exact)
Outfit Ideas  //  I’ve talked about this one a ton.  I got mine from the Nordstrom Sale last year and have absolutely no regrets! 
Cargo Jacket: Option 1 (exact)
Outfit Ideas  //  This goes with everything–t-shirts, button ups, sweatshirts, dresses, you name it.

Cognac Tote: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2
Outfit Ideas  //  I use mine all the time!  There’s one that’s not reversible that’s on sale for $31 HERE.
Grey Jeans: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2
Outfit Ideas  //  Grey jeans have become a staple for me pretty much year round.  I love the wash on Option 1 and will review them once they arrive.  Option 2 is even lighter and less expensive.
Maroon Jeans: Option 1 (exact)
Outfit Ideas  //  Maroon jeans are another staple for me in the fall and winter.  They can be worn casually and dressed up for business casual looks.  (Try them with the navy polka dot top, striped tee or blazer, or gingham button up!)  These are on the more expensive side, but they are still less expensive than other maroon jean options I’ve seen in the past.  
Leopard Print Pumps: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2
Outfit Ideas  //  These are amazing at punching up an outfit full of solids without trying.  I tried last year’s version of the pair above and they fit rather large, if I remember correctly.  Option 2 is the pair I currently own, which is a low heel with a more faded print.  Both options have relatively low heels, which make them easy to walk in.
Cognac Riding Boots: Option 1 (exact)  |  Option 2
Outfit Ideas  //  A MUST.  The Naturalizers above (Option 1) are extremely comfortable and fit true to size.  I’m normally 8.5-9 and got them in 8.5.  The sole is quiet comfortable.  Ultimately, the pair I tried wasn’t as “cognac” looking as I wanted them to be, so I hemmed and hawed but finally returned them.  If you aren’t as picky about the color, I would highly, highly recommend these.  They also come in wide calf.  Now I’m on to try Option 2 and will review them soon.  

I called this my “Fall” list, but because I live in a mild climate most of these are actually my closet staples 3/4 of the year!  If you’ve been looking for any of these pieces, GO NOW!  Seriously!  You won’t regret it.  🙂

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