Birthday Freebies!

Birthday Freebies!

Birthday Freebies!

Today I turn 35!!  Because Ella’s due date was only a week before my birthday, we had our Tijuana street taco birthday party earlier in the month so that I could celebrate before Ella came.  Little did we know she was going to come early–the day right after the taco party!

But, just because we already threw a party doesn’t mean I’m done celebrating!

On the day of my birthday, I usually like to eat some of my favorite things.  I don’t need a fancy meal.  I’d wayyyyy rather get my favorite burrito, some boba, and some ice cream or other special treat.  😀  That’s probably how I’ll spend today!

On top of that, all month I’ve been collecting birthday freebies from different restaurants and retailers!  This year my friend wrote a post about birthday freebies, and since I’d read it just a little before my birthday month, it inspired me to sign up for some freebies!

There are tons of exhaustive lists on the internet of all the birthday freebies you can get–just Google it.  They’re a little overwhelming, and while I appreciate the free things, I don’t feel the need to get ALL THE FREE THINGS.  I just want a few!  🙂  So, here are some of my favorites!


1. Sprinkles Cupcakes
You can get a free cupcake on your birthday when you sign up for Sprinkles Perks.  I loooove Sprinkles, but the one in our area is a bit out of the way for me.  This coupon is sitting in my inbox.  Luckily you have 30 days from your birthday to use it!

Sprinkles Birthday Freebie


2. Nothing Bundt Cakes
You get a free bundtlet on your birthday when you sign up for their email list.  This is SUCH a good gift because those little bundtlets are pretty big, and I usually share one with Benson.  There’s a Nothing Bundt Cakes down the street from our house, so I already got my free bundtlet this past weekend!  😀

Nothing Bundt Cakes Birthday Freebie

3. Starbucks
Free drink or food item on your birthday with Starbucks Rewards!  For years this was pretty much the only birthday freebie I got.  I cash it in every year!

4. Baskin Robbins
Free scoop of ice cream if you’re signed up for their newsletter.

5. Jamba Juice
This one is new to me, but if you’re part of Jamba Insider Rewards you get a free small smoothie on your birthday!


1. Sephora
If you’re a Sephora Beauty Insider, you get a free gift during your birthday month!  Last year was my first time claiming this, and I was reallyyyyyy impressed with how good these gifts are!  You get to choose from a few different options.  This year my options were:

Sephora Birthday Freebies

Those are pretty sizable sets considering they’re totally free!  Sign up to be a Sephora Beauty Insider HERE even if it’s nowhere near your birthday.   You can be racking up points with your purchases and getting other free stuff!

2. Madewell
I heard about this one through my friend who wrote her birthday freebies post and it caught my attention because several women in the PMT Challenges have been talking about Madewell jeans recently.  I’m not sure what the birthday gift is because it doesn’t come until your birthday (from what I understand), but my friend said she got $20 off!  At the very least, I could get one of my very favorite Whisper V-Neck Tees for FREE!  ??

I wear the Whisper V-Neck Tees in size S.  See the ways I’ve worn the grey one HERE.  See the ways I’ve worn the olive one HERE.  

3. Ulta
As an Ultimate Rewards member you get 2X on all purchases during your birthday month!  And supposedly you get a free gift, but I’m still awaiting a notification about what that is.  Fingers crossed that it’s good!  Sign up for Ultimate Rewards HERE.

4. Kohl’s
Get $5 off as a Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards member.  If I’m honest, compared to what you can get with Sephora and Madewell, this $5 off seems less exciting.  However, given that the cross-hem tunic that I’ve talked about so much (worn HERE) is frequently on sale for around $14.99, or the leggings are often around $16-18, an extra $5 off seems significant!  Sign up for the Yes2You Rewards program HERE.

Get the cross-hem tunic HERE.  I wear size S.

Kohl's Birthday Freebie

5. J.Crew Factory
When you sign up for their mailing list, you get an extra 20% off on your birthday! You all know I loooove J.Crew Factory.  Like, my favorite white lace tee (worn HERE), favorite navy gingham button up (worn HERE), and the absolutely darling blue striped linen skirt (worn HERE), to name a few.  I didn’t even mention the puffer vests and blazers I love from there!  It seems like this coupon is stackable on top of other promotions too, so an extra 20% off items that are already on sale is awesome!  You can sign up for their newsletter at the very bottom right hand corner of their site HERE.

I wear the white lace tee in size 8 but could wear 6 if my hips weren’t as wide.  I wear the navy gingham button up in size S.  I wear the blue striped linen skirt in size 4 but sizing changed this year to letter sizing.  All I can say is size down a lot as it runs large!  

J.Crew Factory Birthday Freebie

I’ll be spending the day hopefully getting burritos, possibly shopping online to use birthday coupons, and collecting some yummy treats that are only available on the day of your birthday!  Here’s to 35!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?  Do you have an absolute favorite birthday freebie that I didn’t mention here?  

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