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Hooray!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to everyone TODAY!  You can find all my past Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts HERE, including my picks, reviews of many of the items, and outfits with some of them.  Though many items have already sold out, sometimes Nordstrom will restock them, so always check back every couple days or so.  
I tried on tons and tons of items and have been able to tell you what’s worth trying out and what’s not.  Today I’ve rounded up the highlights from the sale.  Click through the past reviews HERE to read more about each item.  Additionally, if I own a similar piece to that I linked to all the ways I’ve worn that item.  (BTW, the olive tunic I linked to isn’t part of the sale.  I linked to one I like more.)  Some of you are building wardrobes and have mentioned that you’ve bought a lot but still don’t know what to wear with them.  Hopefully this post gives you ample ideas for how you can use them!
Lastly, at the bottom are a few more reviews of some items I ordered online that I couldn’t find in store.  
best pieces from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
ROW 1:
OUTFITS //  Bootcut Jeans  |  Grey Jeans  |  Olive Jeans  |  Maroon Jeans  |  Black Jeans
ROW 2:
SHOP  //  Red Navy Plaid  |  Olive Blouse  |  Blush Blouse  |  Tan Jacket  |  Black Jacket
OUTFITS  //  Red Navy Plaid  |  Olive Blouse  |  Blush Blouse  |  Tan Jacket  |  Black Jacket
ROW 3:
OUTFITS  //  Tan Cardigan  |  Maroon Cardigan  |  Utility Jacket  |  Grey Blazer  |  Navy Blazer
OUTFITS // Black Trousers  |  Cobalt Top  |  Pencil Skirt  |  Floral White Black Blouse 
OUTFITS  //  Black Bucket Bag
Remember, you can read reviews of all the items for info on fit, sizing, and material HERE.  Now for even more reviews!
For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ with a shorter torso.  I’m normally S/M or 6/8 in clothing and 8.5-9 in shoes–usually 9.

Workout Leggings: Pair #1  |  Pair #2  |  Pair #3 – all Medium

Thousands of people have reviewed Zella leggings, so I was excited to give them a try during this sale.  I see why people love them!  They are really soft and smooth and all the pairs shown above were thick enough to not be see-through.  My only comparisons for workout leggings are Old Navy and Target, so I have no idea how Zella compares to higher end brands.  I always try but never buy Old Navy leggings because I find them somewhat itchy, but more importantly I feel like my legs can’t breathe in whatever material they’re using. I have a pair of Champion leggings from Target that I like.  But Zella leggings are still better than my Champion pair and definitely better than the Old Navy pairs.
I point that out because at NSale price, Zella leggings are comparable to Target or Old Navy pairs, but the material feels much better against your skin!  I would highly recommend trying these if you are at all interested in expanding your athletic wear.  
One note, though: I tried both the black full-length pair above and its crop counterpart (HERE) and found they fit smaller than the two printed crop leggings shown above.  The Medium fit me perfectly in the printed pairs, but I wouldn’t keep either of the black pairs.  
These are quite cute and fairly comfortable.  There is a tiny bit of padding in the footbed.  The color is more of a mushroom greyish brown kind of thing rather than a sand or tan.  It goes a little too high up the ankle for me and doesn’t look great with dresses.  (For reference of what I look for in ankle boots, see HERE.)  Otherwise, I think it’s a good boot.  Really cute, has some nice texture to make it a little different, and decently comfortable.  However, I have not actually walked in them so I can’t speak to how comfortable they really are.  
Tan Cardigan – Small
The tan seems to be the one selling out the quickest, but hopefully it gets restocked.  It’s also available in 6 other colors: olive, grey, maroon, black, teal, and red.  
This is the same as the maroon cardigan I featured in the last review.  I really love this color, and while I have a tan one like this from Old Navy I need to replace it because it’s pilling.  (Boo.)  It’s not super duper thick, but I’m confident with a long sleeve shirt underneath it’ll keep me warm in the fall.  I like that it doesn’t feel heavy on me, like some other cozier cardigans do.  It’s easy to wear for that reason, IMO.
I’m wearing small here, and even that is a little roomy on me.  This will go very well with a t-shirt and jeans like above, paired with a fall dress and booties, or over a button up shirt with jeans like THIS.  Shop the t-shirt HERE (wearing S).

These come in 6 colors, and I had been eyeing them back in the spring when I was looking for blush lace up flats.  I ended up not even trying these because they were pretty expensive at their original price.  I tried these in both maroon and tan, but I’m waiting for tan to arrive.  
It’s slightly narrow for me, so I would have to wear them around the house more to see if they stretch out at all.  Otherwise, they’re more or less what I expected them to be.  Not super duper comfortable or full of cushioning, but also not necessarily uncomfortable.  The part I actually didn’t like much was how pointy the toe is.  Above I showed it in comparison to my blush pair from Amazon, and you can see how much shorter the point is.  Maybe I’ll get used to it, or maybe it’s better in tan for some reason.  Tons of people love this shoe, but I don’t think it’s for me.
Wit & Wisdom Grey Jeans – 6 (left above)
I was told that Wit & Wisdom isn’t sold in store anymore and can only be purchased online–at least from my local store.  This is the same brand as the super stretchy yoga-like bootcut jeans that I’ve talked about (THESE) and have the same stretchy “technology.”  Stretchy leg and elastic in the waistband.  However, the material didn’t seem as soft as the bootcut pair.  Also the color seems to be more blueish than grey, which isn’t exactly what I was looking for.  The stretchiness is really nice though!
Caslon Grey Jeans – 28 (right above)
This color was more grey than the pair above, though not really what it looks like on the product site (HERE).  As with the maroon jeans I mentioned in the last review these aren’t as stretchy as I’d like them to be, particularly in the thighs.  But if your thighs don’t have ongoing feuds with jeans, these would probably work for you.  🙂 
In both pictures above I showed one leg rolled up if hemmed and one leg as is.  
Riding Boots – 8.5
I said before that I love this pair of boots.  They’re decently comfortable and hold their shape, and the ankle doesn’t sag like with some other boots.  I feel like for what you’re getting they are a pretty good price.  I just wish the brown was more tan than brown!  But again, if you aren’t picky about that then try these boots!
That’s my list of favorites that I think are worth your attention, and again all reviews of those items can be found in my previous NSale posts HERE.   Let me know if there are other pieces you’d like to know about!  I may have tried them on or examined them in store.
What are you excited to grab today?  Anything you really wanted but is sold out already?  Best of luck! 
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