Gifts for Him: Husband’s Tried and True Favorites + His Wishlist

I hear a lot of people say that men are hard to shop for, but I’ve never found that to be the case.  (Shopping for my mom is the real challenge!)  If you need ideas for what to get some guys in your life, hopefully today’s post will help you out.
My husband Benson is a huge researcher.  HUGE.  Many, many, many of our friends go to him when they need recommendations on what to buy, whether for tech or specific clothing items or kitchen items or other household things, or even to find a product to solve a problem in their lives.  Today’s post features some of Benson’s favorite things, along with things he wants but hasn’t bought so that other people can get him gifts.  However, if none of these gifts help you still, wait for one of my upcoming gift guides called “Our Favorites,” which will include a broader range of really, really, really awesome things that we have given both guys and gals and have been big hits!
I say that especially because there are a lot of clothing items here that are very particular to Benson’s size, frame, and taste, and those probably aren’t helpful for everyone.  In the Our Favorites gift guide, sizing won’t matter.  Anyway, some background on Benson, he leans pretty minimalist–in all things. He only keeps what really counts, in both clothing, household, and tech.  Minimalist is also his aesthetic.  Sizing for clothes: He’s 5’8″, size 30×30 in pants, Small in tops.  He likes his clothes fitted and clean cut, but definitely not skin tight.  (You can see him HERE.)
Best Gifts for Men
Links to Shop:
1. Plaid Shirt  |  2. Backpack  |  3. Sneakers  |  4. Joggers
5. Water Bottle  |  6. Steel Cup  |  7. Headphones  |  8. Massager  |  9. iPhone Charging Stand
10. Black Stretchy Jeans  |  11. Speakers  |  12. Chinos  |  13. Layering Tee
14. Map Print  |  15. Neighborhood Print  |  16. Map Cups  |  17. Watch
Special notes:
1. Bonobos Button Up Tops – Bonobos slim-fit tops fit him PERFECTLY.  Usually Banana Republic “works” for him, but Bonobos is slightly more fitted, making it an absolute perfect fit.
5. Water Bottle – Have I talked about this in every gift guide so far?  Haha.  Cuz it’s THE BEST.  We’ve sold all our friends on these because they keep water cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6.
6. Steel Cup – After loving the water bottles for so long, Benson “splurged” on this cup.  I guess it’s supposed to be for beer to keep every last sip perfectly cold, but Benson uses it for both cold and hot water.  He’s said over and over, “It’s kiiiind of expensive for a cup, but I’m not sad that I got it AT ALL.”
8. Massager –  In the last 2 months we’ve given it to 3 guys and man, you should see the sigh of relaxation and contentment they let out when they use this thing.  Our most recent recipient said, “I’m taking this to every single meeting ever from now on!”  It helps get out knots in harder to reach places, and I like that I can massage myself because at some point I feel bad asking people for massages!
9. iPhone Charging Stand – This is not a “WOW!” kind of gift, but Benson has one on his desk and we have one in the kitchen for when we’re in the common area and for guests to use when they come over.  For some reason it gets a lot of compliments once people actually use it!  While it’s not terribly hard to plug your phone into a normal cable, there’s something really nice about just plopping your phone on top of this stand to charge, and also how it holds it upright so you can see any text or notification without having to reach for your phone.  It’s one of those, “it’s the little things that make it nice to have” kind of items.
10. Black SOFT Jeans – These are Old Navy!  They are extremely soft and stretchy.  Even though they’re for men I tried them on just to see what my husband was talking about.  They feel like a pair of Paige Denim that I own that retails for $180, except these cost way, way, WAYYY less and are for men.  Our friend immediately went and tried them after seeing them on Benson, and he loved the stretch.  They were just too slim for his taste!  There’s a less slim pair that Benson also got in grey HERE, and while he says those are also stretchy, the black pair I linked takes the cake.  But they were both good enough for him to keep!
11. Speaker – Did you see that it’s WATERPROOF?  Whaaaat?  The product video shows this speaker clipped onto people’s belts or swimsuits as they jump into the ocean with it!  It’s also wireless and portable for everyday use!  Comes in 4 colors.

13. Layering Tee – Both Benson and I swear by these.  We wear them when it’s really cold, and they are usually lower cut in the neck with slim fitting waists and shorter sleeves so that you can’t see them peeking out at the neck or sleeves or waist under your normal clothes.  They’re thin and keep you warm, but also have wicking material to keep you from being sweaty.  And they’re nice to your wallet!

14, 15, 16.  Map Stuff – Benson really likes map prints like these for some reason.  Option 14 is a map of the city of your choice whereas Option 15 is a design of popular neighborhoods in a city.  You can get them on pint, whiskey, and wine glasses for a unique, but really useful gift.

17. Watch – If you want to get a watch for a guy but don’t know how to start or what to consider for the, try a guide I wrote a while back called How to Choose the Perfect Watch for a Guy HERE.  The one I showed above transcends from casual to office to dressy casual looks, and that brand is a great place to start!

Any other suggestions for things guys in your life LOOOOVE?

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Upcoming gift guides will be one about Benson’s and my favorites and one about practical gifts for your stylish friends.
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