Gifts for Her: My Tried and True Favorites

Recently I told you that I tend to do Christmas shopping in mid and late December, which is kinda stressful!  This year I wanted to get a head start, and while I didn’t finish it all during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale weekend, I did some of it, so that’s improvement.  And I came up with several options for almost everyone on our list, so yay!  Not gonna lie though–I shopped a lot for myself, haha!

I’m relieved that many stores are still having pretty big sales.  Today’s gift guide is full of a lot of my favorite things that I think would also be easy to give others on my list.  You might recognize that a few of these are repeats from the Traveler’s Gift Guide (HERE) which is because I swear by these items!  When I post gift guides I like to suggest mostly items that I’ve had personal experience with because if you’re choosing these as gifts for others, I want you to have confidence that these are GOOD.  Today’s items are almost all things I use regularly.  And most of them are on sale! 
Here are some recommendations for gal pals in your life!
Links to Shop:
9. Beauty Blender  //  10. Ankle Boot  //  11. Watches  //  12. Water Bottle
13. Tote  //  14. Mint Statement Necklace  //  15. Puffer Vest  //  16. Sneakers
Some special notes on them:
1. Leggings – My review for this pair and why they are so awesome and worth the price tag is HERE.  HOWEVER, right after I posted that, one of you, Kathleen, emailed me to tell me about THESE leggings from LOFT that are apparently phenomenal, and almost half the price with the current sale.  And come in petite and tall!

Kathleen said, “These are AMAZING. I have very full thighs, hips and rear, and I’m also pushing 50, so I have to be really careful about leggings. But these shape and control, and they are absolutely opaque — no see-through whatsoever. I have two pairs so far (black and grey), and since purchasing them several months ago, they’ve held up super well in the washing machine (I line dry them as the tag suggests).”  Thanks, Kathleen!  See them HERE.

2. Window Pane Blanket Scarf – See the ways I’ve styled mine HERE.

3. Locket Pendant – The one shown above is not the exact one I own, but the link takes you to the one I own.  I wear it ALL.THE.TIME.  See the outfits HERE.  It ties together every outfit in a simplistic way.  And, it’s a locket that’s also made with a special meaning!

4. AirPufs Insoles – I wrote an entire post to tell you why these are awesome and better than any other insole HERE.  Even today, 1.5 years since writing that post, these are in almost every pair of shoes I wear with sneakers being the only exclusions.

5. Grey Crossbody – I think any girl can appreciate a new bag.  Either this one or the tan one (#8) would be great.  This is on sale for 33% off, making it about $26.  It’s so cute in person!

6. Eyeshadow Palette – Got this almost exactly 1 year ago and have worn it every single day.  Literally.  Still haven’t run out!  It’s known as one of the most versatile and universal palettes around, and giving this as a gift would be a safe way to pamper or spoil one of your friends with colors that are likely going to work for them.  

7. Grey Cardigan – If you’ve been reading the blog, you clearly know I’m obsessed with this.  Pretty sure any of my friends would wear this all the time if I gifted them one!  I’m normally S/M or 6/8 and got this in S.  It runs really large, and I could maybe get away with XS.

8. Tan Crossbody – I own a similar one and use that, the tote I featured, and the grey crossbody I featured the most.  This one is on sale for only $21!

9. Beauty Blender – This is on the expensive side for a makeup tool, so it’s another fun way to pamper one of your friends.  It’s something that’s pretty popular that they might be intrigued by but not want to spend their own money on.  Same with the eyeshadow palette from earlier!  

10. Ankle Boot – This one is also pricey, but I HAD to share it because it’s on such a huge sale!  It hasn’t been near this price since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in July.  These are my favorite ankle boots because the shaft is really low, which is great for thinner ankles or anyone who wants to elongate their legs without having to wear heeled booties.  If you want to know what I’m talking about, see THIS post on Choosing the Right Pair of Ankle Boots and THIS post on How to Wear Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans.  (I did not own this pair at the time I wrote those two posts, so they are not featured in pics.)  Also see THIS post where I show 3 outfits with these boots and review them more thoroughly.  I normally wear 8.5 or 9 and wear this in 9.  However, I have ample room and maybe could have sized down to 8.5.

11. Watches – Timeless and classic.  I’ve been surprised by how many compliments these garner.  Fantastic special gift for someone.

12. Water Bottle – We gift these to soooo many people, and they all love them. They’re expensive for a water bottle, but for something I use daily and for how cold they keep water, they are worth it.  They come in a bunch of different sizes, colors, and lid types.

13. Tote – I use this almost everyday.  It’s also reversible, so you get two bags in one!  Comes in several color combos.  I’ve had mine for 2.5 years and have been very rough with it.  It’s finally starting to show wear, and I think I need to replace mine.  

14. Mint Statement Necklace – I don’t wear statement necklaces much anymore, but this one is so pretty and remains in my jewelry collection.  See it on me HERE.  

15. Puffer Vest – I just added this to my wardrobe, but I have admired it from afar for a very long time.  The quilted details make it look really expensive–and actually normally it IS pretty darn expensive.  It’s on sale right now though!  I normally wear S/M and wear this in S.  I also love the Old Navy ones which are cheaper (HERE), but they are a little thicker and puffier so it just depends on what look you’re going for.  The Old Navy ones are lined with fleece–including in the pockets!  See the black one on me HERE.  White Old Navy vest outfits HERE.  Navy Old Navy vest outfit HERE.   

16. Sneakers – Totally comfy!  No need to break in, and the shoe to wear when you’re going to be walking a TON.  And really good price!  I’m normally size 8.5-9 and wear these in 8.5.  
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