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I am BEHIND on these challenges, you guys!  Forgive me.  I’ve been traveling for two work trips, one last week and one this week, and traveling with a kid is no joke.  But, like last week, I will do the challenge eventually!
In the meantime I’ve rounded up some past posts of belted outfits.  Two different examples each  of belting tops, skirts, and dresses.  You can belt cardigans too, which you can find in my 2013 gallery on Facebook but I didn’t have time to dig up the original posts.  
I said this in the Building a Remixable Wardrobe Series (Part 5), but belts can make a huge, HUGE difference in an outfit.  They provide a focal point when an outfit otherwise feels “droopy” or messy.  Like, WHAM BAM.  Just like that, a belt can ground an outfit.
That said, I haven’t used belts nearly as much as I used to, and I think it’s because I belted everything while I was pregnant.  (See all maternity posts HERE.)  But, it’s time to make good use of all those belts that are hanging in my closet!  Link up–I’d love some of your inspiration!

*P.S. I haven’t posted any challenges for March yet because I need to take a little break to reorient myself from traveling.  Also, I‘m considering moving these challenges to Instagram only, as I think I’ll be able to be more attentive to them, post inspiration and reminders more consistently, and be more engaged with your posts.  Basically, it means no more linkup on the blog, but #PMTStyleChallenge on Instagram will, in theory, be stronger and more active on my part.  Thoughts on the Instagram-only idea?  Anyone strongly opposed?

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