Believe It

Top: Charlotte Russe  |  Skirt: Anthropologie  |  Belt: H&M  |  Wedges: Target (shop)

Would you believe it if I told you I bought this top 8-10 years ago?  It’s moved with me to 6 different houses and is still in tact.  I found new life for it when I realized I could tuck it in to a high waisted skirt.

Would you also believe it if I told you I’ve had a sewing machine for 8-10 years and didn’t know how to use it?  Whenever I saw bloggers like JodiRachel, and Bri hem something, cut off sleeves, or take in a garment, I wanted to pull out my hair because they made things look so darn cute, and all I could use my sewing machine for was to collect dust.  But, that’s all about to change because I finally learned to use it this weekend!  So watch out, world, watch out.  Some horribly hemmed garments are about to come your way.  You won’t even know what hit ya.

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