Beginner’s Guide: Animal Print in Small Doses

I know a lot of you don’t need to be convinced to wear animal print, but I’m surprised by how many people I talk to that still have a bad stigma of it.
I get it.  There are pink/purple/metallic animal printed hats and leggings that people actually wear.  (Dear Lord, WHY?)  Or the mental image of a woman that looks like Gloria from Modern Family in a skin tight, deep-v leopard print dress.  It can be anywhere along the spectrum from tacky to intimidating, and in those instances it definitely doesn’t seem like it’d be practical for a normal everyday person.  
If you’ve been hesitant to get on the animal print train and haven’t known how to jump in, here are a few ways you can do animal print in small doses.  
Small Doses
With any new style venture that I’m unsure of I like to start in small doses, aka in accessories.  No need to buy a top or a dress in all animal print when you can start small with accessories!  Try a belt, scarf, shoes, or even a small animal print clutch.

I started with an animal print belt, which you could hardly tell was animal print.  It felt safe and let me test how comfortable I was.  It also warmed me up to it.  Then I saw an animal print scarf that I liked–I think it was because the pattern on the scarf was larger than other leopard prints I’d seen.  Then I moved into full blown animal print stuff–a top, pumps, flats, and a dress!

Type of Print – Not All Leopard Prints Are Equal
I was enlightened once I realized there are different sizes of leopard print and different patterns altogether.  Like I mentioned earlier, the scarf shown above is a larger print than typical leopard prints I’d seen.  The same is true for the top and dress that I got.  They’re also more brown and less brown-orangey, and overall feel friendly that way.  Just saying, don’t write off all animal print.  Know that the variation of color and size of print goes a long, long way.

Below are some accessory options that are affordable and totally wearable for a sensible (but stylish) everyday person!  🙂

Links to Shop:
1.  Target  |  2.  Target (I own this one)  |  3.  Macy’s
4.  JCPenney  |  5.  Target  |  6.  Nordstrom
7.  Target  |  8.  American Eagle  |  9.  Target

What’s your favorite way to wear animal print?  If you’re not on board yet, which “small dose” are you willing to try?

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