April / May Purchases

I told you guys a few days ago that I wore the same outfit 4 out of 7 days, which means I don’t have as many outfits to show.  So instead here’s a recap of my recent purchases.
A few reflections:
  • Uh, was I looking for print or what?
  • In my Feb/March purchases I said I didn’t really shop in Feb but went crazy in March.  I noticed a pattern this time as well in how I made maybe 1-2 purchases in April and a ton in May.  
  • Tracking back to Feb/March, I ended up returning 4 of the items.  Also, reflecting on Feb/March purchases made me recognize that I needed to wear those pieces more.  I still love the ones I kept, but I felt like I was wearing them often.  However I realize that reality says I didn’t wear them as often as I thought which helps me feel like I can break them out more!
  • Bouncing off the last point, I like listing out all my purchases.  It helps me reflect on them and brings to my attention items that  I can or should wear more.  Hopefully that leads to less shopping?  (Maybe not, I think part of me also just really enjoys shopping.)
The Purchases:
1.  Snakeskin blouse (shop).  I really like this thing, as indicated in my post about it.  It easily transitions from casual to business, and I could see it being dressed up to go out too.  
2 & 3.  Printed sleeveless tops (not online, but in-store next to these tops).  I already told you how much I love these in this post and this post.  Gahhhh I’m so happy I found printed sleeveless tops!
4.  Floral skirt (shop exact, similar).  UHHHH okay, I freaking fracking love this skirt.  I will tell you more about the shop it came from in another post because I also love love love that store.  Heads up, there will also be a free shipping code provided for you guys in the future post!  EDIT: use code PMTFreeShip for free shipping!

5.  Printed skirt (shop).  Not sure if I’m gonna keep this yet.  I like it, but I’m wondering if the floral skirt would overshadow it and fill the same space in my closet.  Thoughts?

6.  Yellow pumps (shop exact, similar).  I ordered them but haven’t received them yet, so I’m not sure about these either.  I want a bright heel, like yellow, blue, or coral.  Or all three!  YEAH!  😀

7.  Denim jacket (shop).  I have one from Forever 21 that is like 10 years old.  It’s still in good shape, but I wanted a lighter wash than the one I have.  It’s a subtle difference but it has seemed to make huge improvements in my outfits, so I’m happy with that decision.

8.  Sandals (shop).  I have a similar pair of metallic sandals, but like with the denim jacket above the difference between cognac and metallic is subtle but has also made big improvements in how I feel about my outfits.  Thanks to birthday gift money, selling my clothes in Storenvy, and Chinese New Year money I felt very okay spending the $15 to get another pair of sandals.

9.  Striped dress (shop).  After much searching, I finally found a striped dress!  I was sad when I had o return the striped dress I showed in March, but this one works much better for what I want it to do.

10.  Ikat maxi (shop).  This was a birthday gift from my husband–something I totally wanted and knew I could make great use of but couldn’t swallow the price tag for.  I wore it once for my birthday party and cannot wait to wear it again!  Realistically, I want to hem it first before wearing it again though.  I had to wear wedges with it and I’d prefer to be able to wear sandals with it.

I don’t think I have a favorite purchase.  There are so many fun prints here that they all make me happy!

What have your own favorite purchases lately?

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