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Dress & Belt: Lulu’s (giftcard)  |  Bolero: Old Navy  |  Necklace: Etsy (shop)  |  Sandals: Target

What do you wear when you have to look decent on stage and stay cool under bright lights, to later hang out with college students and not be overdressed, to then play with kids where you’ll be lounging on the ground?  A maxi dress, of course!  I already talked about how clutch (do people use that slang in other areas?) this blue maxi was another day, but once again it was the ideal choice for my Sunday activities and I need to give it props!
While this dress has spaghetti straps and a deep v-neckline, I protected the goods from accidental exposure by layering a similar colored tank underneath.  I like the silhouette the belt creates for the dress, and I also like how it gives the outfit some grounding.  I hesitated for a long time to get a maxi dress, but I’m all about ’em now!  
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