REVIEWS: Cute and Affordable Spring Clothes from Old Navy and Amazon

Cute and Affordable Old Navy Amazon Reviews for Spring

review affordable cute comfy spring clothes

Woohoo, it’s time for reviews! I recently tried some items from Amazon and Old Navy for some projects for the blog and for my style course, Simply Put Together (which opens again on April 13th by the way!). Since I had some cute, affordable spring items around, I thought I might as well review them for ya, too!

Today I’m reviewing several pairs of straight leg jeans, straight leg pants for work, sweatshirts, and skirts. All the types of things that will refresh your spring wardrobe!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes.


Amazon Reviews

Amazon Review: Goodthreads High Rise Straight Leg Jeans + Leopard Tee + White Earrings + White Slip-On Sneakers Amazon Review: Goodthreads High Rise Straight Leg Jeans + Leopard Tee + White Slip-On Sneakers

Goodthreads High-Rise Slim Straight Jeans – size 8/29
I thought these would be stiff, but they are fairly thick while having really good stretch and rebound. They feel really secure, too, haha! Overall, the material feels great, especially for the price.

This pair is high-rise at 10 1/2”, and there is a mid-rise version at 9 3/4″ HERE.

I bought these knowing the rise wouldn’t work for me but wanted to try them to check out the material for any of you who likes high-rise. I didn’t see the mid-rise version at the time, so I’ll try them soon.

One thing I don’t totally love is the length, which is of course personal to me and may not apply to you. But, I also don’t love the hem, and I’m not sure what it is. Cuffing them didn’t help, so I kind of want to cut it off and give them a raw hem, hehe! 

Regardless, they’re still a pair worth trying. They feel pretty good, especially for the price, and they come in several washes. This is called mid-blue, and while several washes are limited in stock in the high-rise version, the mid-rise seems to be better stocked at the moment.

Check out the high-rise HERE and mid-rise version HERE. I wear size 8/29. I don’t THINK they’ll stretch out because they have 2-3.5% elastane, which should typically hold its shape. But, as always, test that out to know for sure!

Amazon Review: red and white flowy skirt + white top + denim jacket + white bag + nude shoes

Tiered Skirt – size M
I shared this skirt recently in 3 Business Casual Outfits to Copy for Spring, but felt it was worth putting into a reviews post. This is a very affordable skirt at $24.98, and it’s so pretty for spring! It’s lightweight and flowy, and the material has more of a soft, silky feel (versus like a gauzy type of material), so it feels smooth against your skin. It has a fully elastic waistband, so it’s really comfy.

It comes in 6 prints, including a great white/black animal print, a cute green polka dot version, and a brown leopard print. So many cute options! See them HERE. I wear size M.

Amazon Review: leopard pleated skirt + black tee + white earrings

Pleated Skirt – size M
This is different than the skirt above, and it’s another great one. This one is fully lined, and actually costs less than the one above—only $21.99! This one also has accordion-style pleats. It hits me lower than my mid calf (I’m 5’6”), which I prefer over a skirt cutting straight across the widest part of my calf. It has a fully elastic waistband and an overall great flow.

I ordered this because I have a very similar one I showed from Nordstrom a little less than a year ago, and that was nearly sold out at the time. This is a GREAT alternative! I might even like it better than the one from Nordstrom. 😀 Check it out HERE. I wear size M.


Amazon Review: purple floral ruffle top + black bottoms + pendant necklaceAmazon Review: cream ruffle top + blue jeans + white earrings

Ruffle Sleeve Top – size S
I shared these tops recently as well, styled in posts like 3 Business Casual Outfits to Copy for Spring and 4 Ways to Wear a White Top in the Spring. But, I thought I might as well stick them here, too.

This top is VERY pretty for spring. It’s lightweight and drapes well, so it tucks well without sticking out super awkwardly from the sideview. The ruffles at the shoulders are a pretty touch without adding too much bulk, since the material is very flowy.

The white one is mildly see-through. That said, above, I’m not wearing any camisole and only wearing a nude-colored bra. I’m also facing a window, which means light is shining right at it, and you can’t really see through. Of course, it might be different with different skin tones.

It’s available in 6 colors and prints HERE. I wear size S. You can see outfits with the printed one HERE and white one HERE (with lots more outfits throughout the rest of this posts).


Liverpool Jeans Reviews

Liverpool Review: girlfriend jeans + white ruffle top + white earrings + woven mulesLiverpool Review: girlfriend jeans + white ruffle top + woven mules

Liverpool Girlfriend Jeans – size 6
I’ve talked before about Liverpool’s great denim with lots of stretch (as well as their very comfy work pants). I saw reviews for their girlfriend jeans and wanted to try them firsthand.

The denim is soft and comfy with a good amount of stretch in addition to pretty good rebound. I really like the fit along the leg, too. Unfortunately, this exact pair is sold out (already? sheesh!), but Liverpool has lots of different washes of their girlfriend jeans. The thing you should really note, though, is that the rises are ALL DIFFERENT, even within the “high-rise” and “mid-rise” pairs, which is very strange to me. Anyway, just make sure to read the product info carefully for every pair!

Check them out HERE in a few washes on Liverpool’s site and HERE in other washes on Nordstrom’s site. I wear size 6.


Old Navy Reviews

Old Navy Review: utility jacket rain coat + human kind sweatshirt + wit wisdom girlfriend jeans + white earrings + white slip-on sneakersOld Navy Review: utility jacket rain coat + human kind sweatshirt + wit wisdom girlfriend jeans + white earrings + white slip-on sneakers close upOld Navy Review: utility jacket rain coat

Old Navy Rain Jacket – size S
I have no idea if it’s still rainy where you live, but in case it is, I’m digging this rain jacket! Very simply, I love the fact that it looks like a utility jacket, but is water resistant, because a utility jacket is soooo versatile.

It has an adjustable drawstring at the waist, so you can cinch it in to perfectly flatter you. It also has zipper and snap button closures along the entire front. It’s lined inside with mesh netting. There are 4 front pockets—two on the chest, two around the hips—and all of them snap close. Also, there is a drawstring around the hood if you really want to keep that hood on your head, haha!

The sleeves and torso are a little roomier than I prefer, but since this is for rainy weather, I’m usually wearing a thicker sweater or sweatshirt as well, which means I need that room.

It comes in this medium olive green (great color for spring), camo, navy, and a tan cognac type of color. Check them out HERE. I wear size S. I kind of think I could have sized down to XS, so I’m a little curious to try that. (I DID order two sizes, like I normally do, but I ordered S and M instead. Dah!)

P.S. The jeans I’m wearing above are very limited in sizing, but in case you can get lucky and catch one in your size, they are HERE. They are SO comfy, complete with an elastic strip sewn into the waistband for an extra comfy fit. I wear size 6.

Old Navy Review: human kind white sweatshirt + distressed jeans + white earrings + white slip-on sneakers Old Navy Review Human Kind Sweatshirt Distressed Wit & Wisdom Girlfriend Jeans

Old Navy Human Kind Sweatshirt – size M
Unfortunately, this sweatshirt is already sold out, BUT I’m sharing it anyway in case you can hunt it down at your local store.

This one is fuzzy inside, and the sweatshirt itself is fairly thick and cozy. I wear size M. Check it out HERE and try to track it down at your local store. There is also the t-shirt version HERE.

The things to note: The lengths of both the torso and sleeves seem a tad short. I actually have a short torso, too, but even I find this fairly short. Probably good with higher waisted jeans though.

Old Navy Review: weekend state of mind black sweatshirt + distressed jeans + white earrings + white slip-on sneakersOld Navy Review: weekend state of mind sweatshirt close up

Old Navy Weekend State of Mind Sweatshirt – size M
This is different than the Human Kind sweatshirt above. It’s a little thinner and not as fuzzy. I love how this LOOKS as well as how it hangs when you’re wearing it. HOWEVER, beware for this one that the words look ironed on and crinkled immediately upon just trying it on. I can’t imagine it lasting well through a wash, so I’m definitely returning this.

That said, there are other prints available that don’t involve writing and might fare better, including a cute floral all-over print and an embroidered floral design. Check them out HERE.


Old Navy Review: black wide leg work pants + purple floral ruffle top + black heels

Wide-Leg Black Pants – size 4
I have no need for work pants, but I ordered these for a project for Simply Put Together as well as to try them for you all! My goodness, these pants make me wish I had to dress up for work!

These wide leg straight leg pants are a VERY comfy, affordable option for work. The material is fairly thick, and the pants are super stretchy, including a waistband with elastic in the back. They also have pockets. They look chic and refreshing for this spring!

The pants pair well with nice blouses and heels for work, but you can also dress them down with a t-shirt and fresh white sneakers or sandals for a fresh spring look. Throw on a denim jacket on top if you need another layer.

They are very affordable at $39.99 and often go on sale for lower. I wear size 4. Check them out HERE.


Old Navy Review: cropped copper moon pixie pants + white ruffle top + black heels + cream earrings Old Navy Review: copper moon pixie pants + white ruffle top + black heels close up

Straight Leg Pixie Pants – size 6
These straight leg pixie pants are another great pair for work! Again, I have no need personally for work pants apart from finding them and styling them for you all, and these make me wish I had to dress up for work sometimes.

The pants are very stretchy, and even the waistband has a good amount of give. (Nothing like Wit & Wisdom’s Ab-solution waistbands, but I wore these after eating lunch—read: full stomach—and did the sit test in them and did not want to rip them off. So, that counts for something, right? :D)

The color is great for both spring and fall. The straight leg crop fit is flattering, and again, fresh for this season. These pants work well with pointed toe flats and pumps.

The pockets are horizontal and up at the front of the hips rather than slanted and on the side of the hips. I prefer this type of pocket since the latter sticks out with my curvier hips.

I tried both sizes 6 and 8 and didn’t notice that much of a difference between them. Size 8 was slightly longer, but I also know Pixie pants have a reputation for stretching out over time, so I’d be inclined to keep size 6 if I needed work pants. But of course, order multiple sizes (since Old Navy offers free return shipping on all orders) and test for stretch and for your best fit. Check them out HERE.


Old Navy Review: straight leg jeans + human kind sweatshirt + white earrings + white slip-on sneakers Old Navy Review: straight leg jeans + white sweatshirt + white earrings + white slip-on sneakers

Old Navy Straight Leg Jeans – size 6
I checked out this pair of Old Navy straight leg jeans for you because they have fantastic reviews (980 reviews and 4.5 stars) and an affordable price.

The hips, thighs, and legs feel great. They’re really flattering with great stretch in the legs! However, the waistband doesn’t have a lot of stretch, though. (You knew I was gonna say that, right? ;P) BUT, a couple notes on that. First, I do feel like they’ll stretch out a tad after a few hours and perhaps the waistband will be perfect then. So, order a couple of sizes to try and check for that. Second, I tried both sizes 6 and then 4. Size 6 for sure looked more like straight leg pants on me down the leg, whereas size 4 started to look a little more like a skinny fit. However, size 4 might have fit even BETTER and more comfortably around the waist. Very weird, but also very normal for Old Navy and their inconsistent sizing. Ha. Again, all the more reason to order multiple sizes!

Overall, I like the fit a lot. They are a little thin and you definitely can tell the difference between this pair and other $60+ pairs. However, this pair can get as low as around $17 when there’s a good sale, and even at full price they’re not bad if you want to test the waters of straight leg jeans. So for that reason, this is a notable pair. Just depends on your budget and what you’re looking for.

I also really like this medium to lighter wash for spring! Check them out HERE.

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