Addie’s Toddler Girl Room

Clean Colorful Toddler Girl Room

Almost 4 years ago when Addie was born, a bunch of people asked to see her room.  I never posted it because we never “finished” her room.  Haha, yikes! It was totally functional of course, and *almost* finished, but there were a couple details that we just hadn’t gotten to, like hemming curtains and decorating the wall.

While getting ready for Ella’s arrival, we shifted Addie to a big girl bed and had to totally change her room.  Thanks to Katie’s decor expertise and Benson getting into nesting mode for Ella, all those details got taken care of and I’m sooo happy to say that Addie’s room is finally complete!

(Katie is the Content and Product Specialist / Photographer for PMT)

Little Girl Room: Beddy's Bedding + Wall Art

Beddy’s Bedding / Wall Prints / Print Hangers / Similar Bookshelf / Blanket / Daniel Tiger Figurines

We gravitate towards Scandinavian styles, so Addie’s toddler girl room is very simple.  But how simple it is yet how stinking long it took us to finish is a testament to how bad we are at making decisions.  And maybe how little we actually care about “finishing” our house.  😛

The major hangup was actually that wall by her bed.  Since we have earthquakes in California, I don’t like putting heavy things next to kid’s beds for fear they might fall off onto the child in an earthquake.

Little girl bedroom wall: beddy's beds

Beddy’s Bedding / Wall Prints / Print Hangers / Similar Bookshelf 

I tried several picture frames through out the last 4 years, but all the lightweight ones I found looked very cheap.  I tried alternatives like lights or bunting, but none of them looked right either.

Wall Printables little girl's room

Wall Prints / Print Hangers

Finally, Katie found these floating print hangers, and they are PERFECT!!!  Not only are they perfectly simple, they are also lighter weight and less prone to falling.  The top and bottom wooden strips have magnets that hold the prints in place, so your print can be as long as you want it to be, as long as it fits the width of the strips.  (But you can get these frames in different widths also.)  I wish they came a bit smoother and with softer corners–they’re pretty pointy.  But the top strip can be nailed into the wall, so it’s really secure, and if it stays on the wall then how pointy it is doesn’t really matter.

I got the prints from Etsy HERE.  That shop has sooo many cute little prints with quotes and other designs in addition to these animals!  The prints were digital, then we printed them at our local Staples.

Modern toddler girl bedroom

Similar Rolling Cart / Sound Machine  / DiffuserSimilar Rocking Chair / Throw Blanket

Until Katie helped me finish this room, what used to be next to Addie’s bed was a couple of storage bins full of her clothes that we hadn’t put in the attic yet.  ? We knew we wanted a bar cart for her, but we just hadn’t gotten around to buying it.  She needed some sort of nightstand that didn’t take up too much space so that we could access the curtains easily.  A piece of furniture seemed too heavy for the space, but the bar cart is perfect!  It holds her sound machine, diffuser, tissue, water bottle, lotion, etc. and some misc junk she puts in there.  You know how kids are with all those little things they collect!

Little girl bedroom nook

Similar Rocking Chair / Similar Shelves / Similar Lantern lights / Similar Name Train /
Similar Wall Clock & Another Similar Wall Clock / Sleep- Awake Alarm Clock

Opposite her bed is this wall, but it’s not very big since just to the left of what you see here is a door that leads to a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.

Addie comes home with a million art projects from daycare each week, and while some of them are pretty great, we had no place to put them.  We finally installed this curtain wire from IKEA to hang her art.  Whenever she comes home with a pile of art, she has to choose which ones she’ll keep on the line and which she’ll replace with her new art.  We recycle ones that don’t make the cut!

The OK to Wake Clock has been great!  Addie usually wakes up earlier than us, but we don’t want her to wake up until 6:45am (preferably much later–but that’s so rare.  Ugh!)  We set this clock to 6:45am, and once that time hits, it’ll light up green.  That tells Addie that it’s now okay to come out of bed and wake us up.  Sometimes she can’t wait anymore or needs to go potty so she’ll get out early, but for the most part it works well and she stays in her room until the light turns green.

Toddler girl bedroom hooks

Wall Pegs / Unicorn Backpack

These wall pegs are next to the wall right by her door, and they hold her cardigans and backpacks.  They’ve been great for easy access to those heavily used items!

The pegs are pretty expensive, and honestly I can’t fully say they’re worth the money.  Don’t get me wrong.  They’re good pegs.  I just don’t know that any set of plastic pegs is worth that much, haha!  But I got them because they fit the space and decor really well–much better than all the other pegs I looked at and better quality.  I just wanted to be done searching, so I “splurged” on them, but I love how they look!

Beddy's bedsBeddy's Toddler Bedding with Zipper

Beddy’s Bedding (c/0)

When we moved Addie to a big girl bed one problem we faced was not being able to keep the blankets on her.  We tried tucking the blankets under the mattress really tightly, but she moves so darn much in her sleep that she inevitably ended up twisted in her blankets.  That would be fine with me, except that she’d call to us in the middle of the night really upset about being twisted in her blankets.  We’d have to wake up, get out of bed, and fix them for her, and it was soooo annoying–as if waking up from a newborn wasn’t already enough!  This mama needed her sleep!

Katie told me about this special bedding by Beddy’s that’s a sheet + comforter set that has zippers all around to keep the blanket in place.  Ever since we started using them, Addie has not woken up twisted in her blankets! ?? They also help Addie make her bed reallyyyyyy easily–she just zips them up.  It’s cute how proud she is of it!  I showed them in more detail in my Instastory Highlights under “Toddler Stuff.”

They are pretty pricey, but Katie has been using them for the last 3 years with her older girls which are now 5 and 8 years old and they’re still going!  They come in Toddler, Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes and a bunch of different designs.  See them all HERE.

Toddler Girl Room

So, there it is.  After having a bare wall by Addie’s bed for the last 4 years, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see her cute wall each morning!  It’s finally DONE!  Up next is Ella’s room!

Other Sources:

Bed Frame – IKEA
Bed Rail – IKEA

Curtain Rods & Curtains – IKEA
Wire for Art Projects – IKEA
Hooks and Clips for Art Wire – IKEA
Wall Paint Color – Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore


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