A Very Special Giveaway

This week’s giveaway is super duper special.
My dear bloggy friend Kerrie Wade blogs about life and faith, and she has a tremendous heart that is a constant inspiration to me.  She runs a shop with handmade clutches and uses the proceeds to be a blessing to those around her.
This month, Kerrie is raising money to help a young friend named Julyssa in Mexico afford to celebrate her Quinceanera–a HUGE deal in Mexico!  Also, if you sponsor Kerrie’s blog this month, proceeds will go to Julyssa!

To play a tiny part, I would like to buy a lucky winner either a clutch from Kerrie’s shop or ad space on her blog.  You can choose from one of these packages:

  • Any large clutch
  • Two small clutches
  • Two months of XL featured ad space on Kerrie’s blog
  • A small clutch and 1 month of XL featured ad space on Kerrie’s blog
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