A Reminder on Proportions

Top: Forever 21
Scarf: handmade by sister
Outfit #1:
Trouser Jeans: Gap
Tan Cardi: H&M (similar)
Booties: Target (similar: onetwo)
Outfit #2:
Olive Cardi: Target (same in other colorssimilar)
Jeans: Loft (similar)
Boots: Macy’s (onetwothreefour)
Thanks to Go Chic or Go Home, I came across this oldie from Kendi and realized I now had all the pieces to make it work.  I tried in the first outfit, but that tan cardigan is too fitted and the top was too billowy for trouser jeans.  It was okay, but the silhouette it created was rather unflattering.  (edit: You can’t tell in the pictures because I’m standing still, but when I walked or moved at all I looked like a football player!)  I tried it again with a larger cardigan that could contain the shirt’s volume and more fitted bottoms to change the proportions.  While I really like the first try (when I’m standing still), I had to redo it and fix the proportions.  Note to self: balance out a billowy top with fitted bottoms.  (Katie took the words right outta my mouth.)  
Also, I need to remind myself that if an outfit isn’t working I should try playing with different proportions rather than scrapping it altogether.  When an outfit’s not working do you usually think to adjust proportions, or would you be tempted to scrap it right away?

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