9 Pieces, 11 Outfits – Spring Packing 2015

After the capsule wardrobe / fall packing lists (found HERE), I’ve gotten tons of requests for spring versions.  I make the fall ones because I’m usually on a long trip for Thanksgiving, while my spring trips tend to be at campgrounds and not worth mixing and matching efforts.  While I’ve done a couple of smaller capsule wardrobe packing help posts for warmer weather listed on that page, like 7 Pieces 7 Outfits I’ve finally got a spring packing list for ya!

Some of you had heart eyes about this duffel on Instagram.  It’s stripes!  What’s not to love?!  I don’t usually use duffel bags as my primary bag on flights since I’d prefer rolling my luggage through the airport, but as an extra bag or for road trips I think they’re a lot less bulky.  This Sole Society striped duffel bag is adorable, comes with 3 large interior pockets, and two external pockets.

Anyway, on to the list!

spring packing list
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Here’s the generalized list of items:

  • 3 tops – 1 neutral, 1 patterned with neutral background, 1 color (could be another neutral)
  • 2 completer pieces
  • 3 bottoms – 2 solids, 1 patterned (or all 3 solids)
  • 1 dress – neutral, patterned, colored or whatever.  As long as it goes with at least 1 of your completer pieces.

If all 3 of your bottoms are solids, you could do more patterned tops.  And vice versa.

I’m indecisive about whether or not to count shoes in the numbers, but I usually try to limit my shoes to two pairs regardless, and usually neutral shoes.  Shoes take up way more space in my suitcase than adding more shirts, so those are the worst culprits of all, in my opinion!

In this case, I chose my sparkly sandals from Target for casual outfits and my two-toned Naturalizer Dahnny for slightly dressier looks.  I like the Dahnny because they toggle the line between casual and dressier.  (The kind of dressy you do when you’re on vacation, anyway.)  I also played around with white sneakers in exchange for the glitter sandals, and they would totally work with all of the flat sandal looks.

And now, OUTFITS!

spring capsule wardrobe

I tried to have a mix of casual and slightly dressier outfits for spring vacations and chose pieces that allowed some flexibility with the weather.  I used 4 different necklaces, though you could get away with just one or two.
Using This List
Based on past questions and comments, I thought I’d make something clear: I would not use a list with 11 outfits for an 11 day trip.  I wouldn’t max out my options like that.  I would use this for closer to a 7 day trip.  I wouldn’t want to worry about things like the weather not working out properly for each outfit in my arsenal.  Like, I have 3 outfits with shorts here.  What if my weather app was wrong while I was packing and it turned out to be too cold for shorts during my entire trip?  Also, I wouldn’t want to worry about needing to wash clothes.

My purpose is to have options without overpacking, and not have to limit myself to only one outfit choice per day.  If I have 11+ outfit options for a 7 day trip, then it affords me flexibility for unexpected things, like weather changes or surprise activities (that fancy evening out you didn’t plan, that day you spontaneously decided you wanted to chill at the park, etc.)

Obviously you can use this list however you want, but that’s how I use these things.  🙂

Happy packing!

See HERE for more One Piece Many Ways posts.

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