7×7 Remix coming your way!

That’s right, folks!  I’m teaming up with Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and a few other bloggers to do a 7×7 remix, and we want YOU to do it with us!

With the 7×7 challenge we are all going to choose 7 items (including shoes!!) and create 7 different outfits with them.  The ones shown above are NOT the ones for my remix, so you’ll have to wait to see mine.

The crew of bloggers that Natalia has corralled will all post our remixes on June 12th for you to see.  BUT since I’ve been talking about wanting to host a link up for sooooo long I thought this would be a great opportunity to have you all participate and link up too!

One thing that is loud and clear from you guys is that you love seeing a piece worn several different ways.  The linkup will also give you all access to seeing lots of other people’s remixes.  Whoop whoop!

Here’s what to do:

  • Get your 7 pieces (remember, shoes count!) and get a-remixin’!  Create 7 outfits from those pieces.
  • Write a post showing us your 7 items and your 7 outfits.  Kinda like this one.
  • We’ll provide a button for you to link back to here.  (Look out for it later this week.)
  • Be ready to link up on June 12th!

NOTE: Since I’m not the mastermind behind this challenge (that credit goes to Natalia) I don’t know if you’ll be able to link with Go Chic or Go Home like I’ve mentioned in the past.  However if you try it on June 12th and it doesn’t work, feel free to leave a GCOGH link in the comments on June 12th.  I’ll totally check out your remix!

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