7 Types of Crazy COMFY Summer Clothes

7 Types of Crazy Comfy Summer Clothes

7 Types of crazy comfy summer clothes

You guys KNOW I’m all about clothes that are SOFT, STRETCHY, and COMFY.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve described an item to you that way.  It’s almost becoming a requirement for any piece I wear, haha!  When people tell me they’d “rather be comfy” than put together, I get sad they’ve been missing out because YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! 🙌🏽 Today, I want to share some crazy comfy summer clothes you should check out for ultimate comfort for the rest of this summer.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6.  Sizing info for all pieces in descriptions below.


Comfy Swing Tanks

1. Swing Tanks
I’ve filled my closet with really soft, stretchy tanks, both in solids and in prints and colors.  It’s so nice to have flowy, loosely fitting, stretchy tanks!  Many stores have these, but I’ll highlight some of my favorites.

First, the ModCloth swing tanks are great.  I’ve talked about them several times over the last year.  They are not only stretchy and comfy, it’s fitted around the bust which maintains a flattering silhouette when tucked into skirts, but the bottom portion is loose and flowy.  They’re tunic length, so you can wear them over leggings.  Or you can tie it in a knot to bring up the hemline.  Lastly, the v-neck is so stretchy that you can breastfeed in it.  I usually can’t breastfeed in v-necklines, so I’m confident that if *I* can do it in these, almost anyone else can too!  They come in several colors that you can see HERE.  I wear size M.

Second, the JCPenney a.n.a. tank that I’ve shared a billion times this summer are very similar.  They go on sale for like $4 to $7 which is a STEAL!  Check out which sizes and prints are still available HERE.  I wear size S.

Third, the Old Navy swing tanks are very popular.  They come in a few different materials, and some of them are just as soft as the previous two, while others aren’t as soft.  Though, all are still comfy.  I like these, but I don’t LOVE how they fit me.  The bottom is a bit too wide for my larger hips, whereas the ModCloth and JCPenney tanks also float away from the midsection but do not add bulk around my hips.  What’s great about Old Navy swing tanks is that they are very affordable and come in a range of colors, prints, and sizes.  See them HERE.

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Comfy tees for summer

2. T-Shirts
I love basic tees in the summer.  They’re perfect for easy, relaxed summer style.  I’ll share my current favorites below.

Madewell – These are thin and lightweight for summer, which also helps them drape really well.  I LOVE how they drape.  However, because they are thin and lightweight, they are also prone to getting holes.  I own these in 3 colors and have had two of them for several years, and somehow I have managed to not get any holes in them.  However, they are known for getting tiny holes.  Thankfully, Nordstrom’s return policy is phenomenal (read about it HERE) and you can almost always return items that have been worn, without tags or a receipt, and without much of a time limit on how long it’s been since you bought it.  Like, if you’ve worn your Madewell tee regularly for 6 months and it got holes, there’s a 99% chance Nordstrom will let you return it.  Isn’t that customer service phenomenal?  One of the reasons I shop there so often!  They come in lots of colors.  See them HERE.  I wear size S.

Caslon – I have this in white, yellow, and blue/white stripes (from several years ago).  I’ve talked about this quite a bit this year because I have fallen in love with them.  They are also fairly thin and drape really well, and while I would still not be surprised if these grew holes, they do feel a bit sturdier than Madewell tees.  The neckline is a rounded v-neck, which to me looks like a scoop neck with a tiny point.  I find it incredibly flattering.  They come in lots of colors and prints, which you can see HERE.  I wear size S.

Target – I have two striped versions of these.  These are REALLY soft and REALLY inexpensive, especially compared to Madewell and Caslon tees.  However, I’m noticing as I wear and wash them more and more, I could see them not holding up as well over time.  Only time will tell.  The material is soft, smooth, and jersey-like, which could be a *little* clingy.  I sized up for a looser drape.  And anyhow, I bought these for the stripes, not for the material or drape.  Get it in black/white stripes HERE.  I wear size M for a looser fit.


3. Cotton or Knit Tops (Honorable Mention)
The tees and tanks I’ve mentioned are all fairly basic, but there are a lot softy, comfy, stretchy tops that have more detail and shape.  I’ve personally been loving the basics this summer, but if you are looking for a step up from basics, try some of the tops below!

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Comfy Jersey Dresses

4. Jersey Dresses
I have a longstanding love for jersey dresses thanks to hearing Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear talk about them so often.  They come in a variety of silhouettes, with some having less shape like swing dresses and others providing more shape to flatter one’s figure with v-necklines, empire waists, and faux wraps.  I’ve had some of every variety through out the years, and they are all comfy as heck!

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If you’re looking at some of these dresses thinking “I loathe strapless bras,” I really like this one by Natori.  It’s the first strapless bra that I haven’t had to tug or adjust constantly!


Comfy jumpsuits for summer

5. Jumpsuits
Jumpsuits have been coming in stronger and stronger, and there are some COMFY ones out there!  Many are made of that same stretchy, jersey material as the dresses I mentioned above, but you get the benefit of pant legs.  In addition, they usually have elastic waistbands or a loose midsection, which is comfier than I ever anticipated.  It’s great in the summer when you don’t want any clothes squeezing you too much!  I recently shared Three Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit or Romper, so check there if you want some styling ideas!

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Comfy bermuda shorts for summer

6. Wit and Wisdom Shorts
I did NOT know denim shorts could be STRETCHY and SOFT and COMFY until last year.  GAME CHANGER, friends!  There are several out there at affordable prices starting at $16, and I’ll share those below.  However, my current favorite pair is more expensive by Wit and Wisdom, which is also my favorite brand for jeans.  They are a little thicker than some of the less expensive pairs tend to be.  Plus, there is elastic in the waistband which is even comfier!  (Elastic in the waistband is only true for the ones that are listed as “Ab-Solution.”)  The pair I’m wearing above is Bermuda length, though Wit and Wisdom has pairs of all lengths and colors.  See them all HERE.

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Comfy Linen Shorts

7. Utility, Linen, and Soft Shorts
Lastly, there are some shorts that are not necessarily stretchy but are still soft and pretty comfy to wear.  I love linen shorts and some utility shorts for that reason!  I love that they are lighter weight than denim shorts, and they’re more flexible.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Ultimate Shopping Guide

The much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins THIS FRIDAY online at 9:30am PST for all Nordstrom cardholders!  It will open to all non-cardholders one week later.  (Sign up for one HERE if you wanna shop early and get $60 in Nordstrom notes!)

I’ll be covering the sale a LOT over the next couple of weeks.  Summer content will continue to be posted 1-2x/wk as usual.  Nordstrom Sale posts will be additional, so get ready for LOTS of posts from me in the next couple of weeks!

Check your inbox at 9:30a PST on 7/12 to see if you’re one of the three winners for a $100 Nordstrom gift card.  And come here to the blog to see my First Glance Favorites on 7/12!  Try-ons will be posted on Saturday 7/13.

If you want to see ALL my highlights or things I’ve tried as the sale goes on, make friends with the PMT Ultimate Shopping Guide!  It’s a one-stop page that consolidates the many products I will be talking about over many, many posts.  You can always access the page from the sidebar on my blog! 

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