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The 7×7 Remix is finally here!  I’ve teamed up with Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and a few more bloggers to take 7 pieces of clothing and put together 7 different outfits.  Plus, we wanted to invite YOU to join us in the 7×7 challenge by linking up with us below.  (If you are still wondering what this 7×7 business is, check this post for the prompt and background.)

Above are my 7 pieces.  Like I told you before, I chose pieces that were kind of in the same color family and made sure to include a good mix of solids as well as different types of bottoms.  All of my pieces are either from Target or Old Navy, with the exception of the floral skirt being from Conversation Pieces.  
And here’s how I worked them into 7 outfits!
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Outfit #1:

This outfit falls right in line with my tips for dressing cute in the heat and is going to be great in the summer.  The belt is totally optional, but I like that it provides a sort of focal point and differentiates it a little more from Outfit #7.
Outfit #2:
I used to not buy solid tops because I always thought they were boring.  Then I learned a bit about accessorizing and my perspective on solids was transformed.  Just add a statement necklace or a scarf and you’re good to go!
Outfit #3: 
You’ve gotta love a chambray shirt because it’ll go with anything.  Often people ask what to pair with a skirt or pair of pants that has some pattern that they don’t know what to do with, and my answer always includes a chambray shirt.  This time I tied it over my skirt, though I could also have tucked it in and thrown a belt over it.
Outfit #4: 
This is another example of taking solids and making them more cohesive or “not boring” by adding an accessory.  I almost didn’t use this outfit because the top and bottom without the scarf reminded me a lot of watermelon candy.  Why I think that’s a problem to begin with, I don’t know, but I just wasn’t having it!  Haha.  Luckily I had an accessory that had both pinks and greens (teal-ish colors and bits of minty green that you can’t see in this pic) to tie the pieces together a bit more.  
Outfit #5: 
I’ve already shown this outfit before, just with different shoes, but I loved it so much that I included it here again.  A skirt like this is fun because you can pick out any of the colors in the pattern and use that in the rest of your outfit.  I love all the pretty colors!
Outfit #6: 
Okay, I may have cheated a little on this one because of the striped shirt underneath.  Sorry for that–I originally had a striped shirt in my 7 pieces but I swapped it later and did not want to take another picture for a little layering piece that you can hardly see.  Forgive me?  🙂
Outfit #7:
I can’t get enough of my white denim right now.  It goes with EVERYTHING, and I love this light and breezy combo.  This was a totally easy, no-brainer outfit.  Whoop whoop!
There you have it, 7 pieces turned into 7 outfits!  (Shopping links for similar items were shown near the top of this post.)
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