5 Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut

Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut

Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut

Are you feeling like it’s time to get out of a style rut? A fresh year always invites a fresh start, and if you’re ready to accept that invitation, let’s talk. Today I’m giving you 5 ways to get out of a style rut!

There are many reasons why we end up in style ruts. It doesn’t matter if you have a great sense of style or not, everyone can end up in a style rut. But, the reasons we each end up there will be different depending on where you’re at in your style journey. 

So, today I want to help you with 5 ways to get out of a style rut. The solution you need will depend on the reason you’re in a style rut to begin with. Read through each point below to see which one you identify with and what you need to get out of your style rut!

1. Rediscover Your Style
Whether you feel lost due to the changing styles or whether you just hate all of your clothes and feel stuck not knowing what to buy, you aren’t able to dress in a way that makes you feel put together and confident.

If this is you, your first step for how to get out of your style rut is to rediscover your style.

Usually I coach women to figure out their unique Style Type Mix. We look at different style types and figure out which combination of these types makes them feel their best.

Then, we take it a step further and identify Key Style Elements so they have clarity about what to buy. To identify your Key Style Elements, collect images of outfits you like or that you would like to wear. Then, make observations about common themes, pieces, and style elements that you see repeated among the outfits. From there, you can come up with a list of Key Style Elements that you see repeated among the outfits.

Use those exercises to rediscover your style and to generate a list of what to buy next!

And if you’d like further help with all of that from experienced stylists, join us in the PMT Style Club. We love to help women like you find your personal style, and many members find that having an expert identify and confirm their key style elements provides so much clarity and accelerates how quickly they can make their ideal style a reality. It’s a fun time, too!


2. Make Time to Shop and Update Your Clothes
It’s one thing to know what to buy, but perhaps you run into the problem of actually shopping for the clothes! You can’t be stylish if you don’t have the right clothes. And you won’t have clothes if you don’t shop. It’s that simple. So, set aside time to actually shop!

Lots of us naturally shop in our spare time, so this usually isn’t an issue for us. But, if you’re one of the many others who hate shopping, it’s something you need to carve out time for and plug into your calendar.

Whether it’s setting up a date to shop with a friend or simply putting a couple of slots into your schedule to shop by yourself, be proactive to get it done. Remember, if you don’t actually have clothes that you like wearing, you won’t be able to get out of your style rut!


3. Find Outfit Ideas
Maybe you have clothes you love, but you need new ideas for how to wear them. Then, it’s simple: you need some fresh outfit inspiration!

Take time to browse Pinterest for fresh ideas. I recommend Pinterest over scrolling Instagram because you can use Pinterest’s search feature to search for styles you like. But, if you have tried & true Instagrammers that you follow, then of course use that as a resource, too.

Another option is to grab a PMT Wardrobe & Outfit Guide for a catalog of outfit ideas for the season. Each guide comes with tons of outfits so you will have no shortage of ideas. You don’t have to follow the prompts exactly! Many PMT Style Club members find the prompts simply help spark new ideas for them to use their pieces, and sometimes their super cute outfit ends up looking totally different than the prompt that inspired it!

*You can buy the PMT guides as standalone items through the PMT Shop for $34 each, or you can get them with a PMT Style Club membership for $72 each quarter (just $24/month), along with the many other resources that members get: style courses, style coaching, and an inspiring community.

However you find inspiration, if you already have lots of great clothes but are stuck in a rut, set aside time to find new outfit ideas to inspire you!


4. Plan Your Outfits
This one is for me. Even though I have clothes I love and I’m capable of coming up with outfit ideas galore, I often wear the same outfits over and over. Generally I don’t mind, and I actually prefer it. But sometimes I want to change it up and sometimes I neglect outfits I know I love but just forget to put in the rotation. My solution for that is to plan your outfits!

Whenever I want to shake things up or make better use of my clothes, I quickly plan my outfits for the week. When I’m in a rush to get ready each morning, I don’t have the space to be very creative or resourceful. So instead, I plan my outfits when I have more capacity to be intentional and thoughtful. It helps me actually wear all those outfit ideas I’ve saved somewhere or remember to wear outfits I love but am not always thinking of in the morning.

If you resonate with this, utilize one of my favorite ways to get out of your style rut by planning your outfits for the week! It only takes a few minutes, but it makes a big difference in the morning and helps you better utilize your clothes!

And, if you’d like to have a season’s worth of outfits planned for you, grab one of the PMT Wardrobe & Outfit Guides. Along with a huge catalog of outfits to give you ideas (solution #3), you’ll also have an Outfit Calendar with 8 weeks of outfits planned for you.

BTW, if you are a PMT Style Club member or a Simply Put Together student, you have access to my whole process for batch-planning outfits. Log in to find the video lesson in the course/member platforms!


5. Do Something That Motivates You to Put Yourself Together
For some of you, the feeling of confidence gained each day from feeling put together is enough intrinsic motivation to dress in that way. Others of you may feel like you don’t have a great reason to get dressed or you might have a desire to be put together but just can’t get yourself to take action. In that case, you need to find a source of motivation.

Let’s liken it to working out. You might know exercises to do but you need accountability or support to actually exercise. In that case, signing up for fitness classes, hiring a trainer, or signing up for a gym membership is what you need. Or maybe setting up a time to walk with a friend is all you need. Either way, you need something external to keep you accountable and motivated. This might be the same for you regarding putting effort into how you look.

To find motivation, you can make a pact with a friend to challenge yourselves. Or you can find a 30-day style challenge on Pinterest to do by yourself. Or of course, you can join us in the PMT Style Club to participate in our monthly challenges (and win PRIZES!) and be part of an ongoing community that has momentum around style. It’s like being part of a gym, except it’s all for style. 💛

These are 5 ways to get out of a style rut. Remember, there are many reasons we find ourselves in a style rut, and the reasons are different for each of us. Identify the reason you’re currently stuck and choose one of these solutions to help get yourself out!

Which of these resonates the most with you? 


Find your style and feel confident in everything you wear.

If you’re ready to get a fresh start with your style this year, join us in the PMT Style Club!

It’s time to take hold of your style so you can feel your best each and every day this year.

With the PMT Style Club, you can find your style and build your best daily wardrobe with less time and stress. You’ll have access to style lessons, style coaching for guidance from expert stylists, and a motivating community of supportive women to help you feel put together and finally make your ideal style a reality so you can shine with confidence.

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