5 Things and 1 Thing

I got tagged by Kate today to say 5 random things about myself.  Since all I have to say about my outfit is that I am usually hesitant about yellow and red together for fear of looking like ketchup and mustard AND McDonald’s, we’ll go with something a little more interesting.  5 Things, here we come!
1.  I am a master at killing flies.  Someone told me that if you sneak on them very, very, very slowly from behind they will not be able to detect you, and you’ll be able to squash them with ease.  It just takes patience.  If those little squirts ever land on a window or a table, using this technique they are TOAST if I’m around.  The only times I can’t get them is when at the very end when I’m like an inch away and I get impatient and move too quickly to squish down.  Seriously, slow and steady, all the way down to the squish.  Gross?  Yeah, well.
2.  I got this recipe from Tammy for the Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie and that thing does not disappoint.  I’m no baking guru, but I will say that I can get these babies to be perfectly rounded every single time.  The trick?  Roll the dough into a somewhat tight little ball and then drop onto the pan.  Don’t just scoop a spoonful and place it on the pan, and don’t roll it into a ball and press it onto the pan–both of those will make your cookies flat and possibly undercooked.  Roll and drop, I promise!  It probably has something to do with the air content when you roll versus spoon.  Bakers, help us out?
3.  Off of number 2, I’ve been making a batch, baking them, and then freezing the already baked cookies.  This is DANGEROUS because it means they’ll last really long and I can have these cookies WHENEVER I WANT.  I either just heat them up in the microwave (not too long or your chocolate will melt funky and harden), or I just let it sit out for a while so that it evenly thaws.  
4.  My husband and I have switched over to a lifestyle of Tim Feriss’ Slow Carb Diet, but I haven’t wanted to talk about it here because people get weird and skeptical about it if you don’t have the right information.  Feriss’ book explains it all way better than the link I shared.  The link I shared is only the rules of the diet, but not much about the reasoning behind it, which was the part that sold me.  I didn’t start the diet to lose weight (and I actually only eat slow carb meals for half of the day), but rather because Tim Feriss and my husband claimed that this diet helped them avoid the afternoon sleepy schlump that I always felt after lunch.  TOTALLY WORKS FOR ME.  I can power through any afternoon now!  And once 4pm hits (post my normal sleepy time), I shove a cookie in my mouth.  However, as a side effect I have in fact lost nearly an inch off my hips and stomach which is why some of my pants might look loose and why I had to take several pairs to the tailor recently.  And my husband lost 17 lbs, even though he was basically my size before he started the diet!
5.  I’m a big fat liar and I used to trace cartoon characters in elementary school and tell people I drew them freehand.  And I committed to my story, even if I did it on tracing paper.  Don’t worry, since then I’ve become a much, much, MUCH better liar.  Isn’t that comforting?  
Alright, I spilled the beans.  Will you tell me at least ONE thing about yourself?  It can be anything!  Where you live, your favorite season, what TV shows you’re watching, your favorite dessert, a weird story from when you were a kid, or you can tell me that you also traced cartoons and tried to pass them off as freehand so I don’t feel like such a jerk.  HAHA 🙂

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