3 Ways Style Blogging Has Affected Me

Top: Old Navy (shop)
Shorts: NY & Co.
Wedges: Target (shop)
Belt: Kohl’s (shop)

These pictures sum up a number of effects style blogging has had on me…

#1: New openness (and possible addiction) to yellow.

#2: Shorts with a button-down, long-sleeved shirt + wedges.  I don’t know why I wouldn’t have done a combo like this before, but I am a changed woman.  🙂

#3: I keep thinking I’m more tan than I really am, like these pictures suggest.  But alas, I am not, and whenever I look down at my real legs I’m slightly disappointed that my tan went away.  Even though it was never there to begin with.  Whatever, minor detail.

When I was younger I actually was this dark and probably even darker.  I had major sock tans that were so defined it looked like I was wearing socks when I in fact was barefooted.  I know.  So sexy.  I do what I can.

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