Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring Putting Me Together!

I have a high value for partnering with brands to make it the best experience for both the brand and for PMT readers.

PMT Readers & What PMT is Looking For
With a focus on practical and functional wardrobes, Putting Me Together readers tend to be sensible, budget-friendly shoppers.  I look to partner with shops and companies that speak to those values, particularly budget-friendly.


As of August 2015:
16,500 subscribers on Bloglovin'
14,500 Instagram
6,100 Facebook
1,600 Twitter
25,300 Pinterest

500,000 monthly page views
99,600 unique monthly visits

Brand Promotion Opportunities
PMT is open to giveaways, sponsored posts and shop features, styling items, and reviewing products.  See examples of sponsored posts and giveaways.  All promotion opportunities can be tailored to meet your company's needs and will be priced according to the scope of the project.

Email sponsor@puttingmetogether.com for inquiries.


"Audrey is fantastic, and working with her was not only very effective but a true pleasure. She has an incredible gift for writing that shows in the connection she's built with her readers- I count myself as one of them. She took time and effort understanding and translating the product into something interesting and engaging for her readers. The effect she had on my sales was nothing short of staggering; I sold out in a 24hour period! I would definitely work with her again, and if you are a business owner lucky enough to do so, please treasure her- she is wonderful." - Chai from AirPufs

"Right from the start, Audrey impressed me with her friendly and professional communication. She is genuinely interested in helping me promote my business. Advertising on her blog has benefited my shop beyond expectation. Audrey styled my pieces and they've become one of my top sellers. Putting Me Together increases my shop visibility as I've seen many readers clicked through and participated in my giveaway. I am also a huge fan of Putting Me Together blog. Thank you so much for all you've done. You're awesome!" - Amy from That's Mine! Boutique

"As the founder of a small business, Go Chic or Go Home, I've always tried to be selective when it comes to the bloggers and brands that I work with. After collaborating with Audrey and Putting Me Together for over a year, I can say without hesitation that our partnership has been one of the single best investments of time and resources.

There is no question that Audrey is exceedingly professional, thoughtful, and responsive, and that the content of Putting Me Together is consistently high quality. That being said, the success of our relationship is in large part due to Audrey's genuine and creative approach to connecting the Putting Me Together community with its sponsors. Over the last year, Audrey has taken the time to communicate with me about Go Chic or Go Home's direction so that she can truly understand how our company can best align with the interests of her readers. I have never had to give Audrey boilerplate text or ask her to write specific things about Go Chic or Go Home because she understands our brand from top to bottom. I can enthusiastically say that Audrey is a dream to work with, her readers are wonderful, and any company would benefit greatly from collaborating with Putting Me Together." - Cynthia from 
Go Chic or Go Home

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