Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ways to Wear a Colored Pencil Skirt

Teal pencil skirt remix?  Who'da thunk?  Unlike some closet basics like a striped tee, a cargo jacket, a denim jacket, or a great pair of skinny jeans, I never anticipated being able to do a remix post on a teal pencil skirt.  But, here we are!

When I bought this thing a few years ago I didn’t think it’d 1) be in my closet for this long, 2) actually be worn enough to be featured in its own post, and 3) be popping up in stores all over years later! 

Yep, that’s right.  I saw skirts this exact color out recently at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s, as well as by designers like Calvin Klein.  (See them below.)  Like I said, who woulda thunk?  It’s a piece in my closet I don’t think of often, but am so happy when I use it in an outfit!

If teal isn’t your color, don’t worry!  I pulled out some general tips that can be used for any colored pencil skirt, whether yours is teal, purple, green, yellow, maroon, or whatever.  You’ll just have to use a different color palette, but hopefully you’ll get some more ideas for any colored pencil skirt you’ve already got in your closet!
1.  Solids with a pattern.
I went sorta monochromatic underneath (teal + light blue)  with stripes.  Even though teal and light blue aren’t considered neutrals, because they are in the same color family I feel like they kind of serve as a neutral canvas to feature the striped blazer.

2.  Patterned blouse with echoing accents.
I paired the skirt with a blouse that has a pattern with a little color in it.  Then pull any color out of the pattern to echo in your shoes or other accessories. 

3.  Monochromatic.
I did the whole monochromatic thing again, except that the 3rd piece, the scarf, is also made of blues.  This is probably my favorite look out of all of them, though the previous one is a close second. 

4.  Add a contrasting color.
Whether your skirt is teal, green, purple, yellow, red, or whatever, pair it with a white top and then add a completer piece, a necklace, or shoes in a contrasting color. 

There you go!  That should spark some new outfits for you!

Option #1 seems incredibly similar to mine.  It comes in regular and petite sizing, as well as a few different colors, and it's almost fully stocked in a variety of sizes.  The rest are also great, but #1 looked soooo similar to mine that I wanted to point it out (...even though that one is Nordstrom--and on SALE and mine was cheap-o JCPenney haha.)

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P.S. I was interviewed by fellow San Diego blogger On the Daily.  Find it HERE!

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